Baking a Cake with Only Gardening Tools

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Ted Nivison

11 måneder siden

baking a cake with only gardening tools. Yes I went to college and I have a degree you can't tell me I did anything wrong or else you're lying.
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

KingdomDarkHeart 4 timer siden
What's the cartoon at the end of episode called?
xd sledgi
xd sledgi 13 timer siden
You and Danny Gonzalez should collaborate
ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴀssɴᴏᴛғᴏᴜɴᴅ Dag siden
to this day, i still send that close up of him and the weed remover to friends and family with the caption "that is a wisk"
rockdyog 3 dager siden
4:10 Ted was saying “one teaspoon” over snd over again and i kept hearing “twenty spoon”
Malea Grabow
Malea Grabow 4 dager siden
you forgot to add the cocoa powder. this is not a real red velvet cake sir.
LoonaTheFluffyCat :3
LoonaTheFluffyCat :3 6 dager siden
I- I love the vibes you give off you seem Bella chill :)
Mintchocochipy 6 dager siden
Mom can we get Rosanna Pansino? Mom: No we have rosanna pansino at home Rosanna pansino at home:
—QU4CK1TYADD1CT 6 dager siden
god fucking damn it ted, you did it again.
Weird_Boy 10 dager siden
Ted looks like a 70's drama movie protagonist.
Lilly Swope
Lilly Swope 11 dager siden
The one white pixel
so very real
so very real 11 dager siden
Oh okay
•Just_Call_Me_Twig_• 13 dager siden
the spec makes me wanna cry
Hallie Mallard
Hallie Mallard 13 dager siden
10:05 ENERGY
Cranberry blame
Cranberry blame 14 dager siden
You scare me
Lex Moseley
Lex Moseley 15 dager siden
I want that desktop background
Emetophobic_Creepypasta 15 dager siden
This reminds me of all the times I’ve baked stuff without reading the recipe first and completely failing, and it is painful.
LPSCOLLIELOVER 15 dager siden
little white dot supremacy
Jackm o
Jackm o 16 dager siden
This guys cooking abilities give me diabetes but I like the diabetes
ItsDopamine05 16 dager siden
This reminds me of a great song by System of a Down called Vicinity of obscenity, the chorus says “banana banana banana banana terracotta banana terracotta terracotta pie”
yumna 17 dager siden
ted u look like a guy i would date in college just to break ur heart and leave
Isabella Maitland
Isabella Maitland 18 dager siden
Ted.... Confectioners sugar and powder sugar are the same thing
Anti-Social Butterfly
Anti-Social Butterfly 18 dager siden
6:59 I wish someone would look at me the way Ted looked at the Weed Remover
Ellie C
Ellie C 18 dager siden
No one: Ted calling stirring sifting: *He’s a little confused but he’s got the spirit*
Ellie C
Ellie C 18 dager siden
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 19 dager siden
Ah I see, a fellow Wegmans shopper *classyness intensifies*
Patapetta Rules
Patapetta Rules 19 dager siden
I love this man
Sydney Butscher
Sydney Butscher 19 dager siden
"this looks awesome" two seconds later... "this looks ridiculous"
Julianna Lucero
Julianna Lucero 19 dager siden
Dont worry Ted. Powdered sugar and confectioners sugar is the same thing. But bakers use confectioners cause you can get it in bigger cuantitys and powdered is more for decorating
Jaxter The penguin boy
Jaxter The penguin boy 20 dager siden
Call it a recipe for disaster
rumcomzzz 20 dager siden
R u gae
Tedgaming45 20 dager siden
Anyone notice the little x in the middle of the screen?
Ellieee 23 dager siden
No joke. I got a garden tools ad before the video started 😂
Tehniat 24 dager siden
_Sift them together_ NOT mix them together *sobbing*
Olivia 28 dager siden
New drinking game: take a shot every time Ted says “terracotta pot”
Purplephantom 29 dager siden
I remember I found this video before I like knew who anyone was like right when c*vid started and well now I watch this like at least 4 times a week
e g
e g Måned siden
i spent hours working with a stand mixer to get cream cheese frosting to the perfect consistency and this fucking guy does it using a trowel as a mixer. i am furious.
Grabe Måned siden
Cranked his hog right in the middle of the recipe
The Violet Prince VODS
The Violet Prince VODS Måned siden
Terracotta makes me wanna fucking kill myself
ALLIE :T Måned siden
Ted forgot the cocoa powder it was just a vanilla cake unless he added it off camera
RockyBuster4 Lif3
RockyBuster4 Lif3 Måned siden
Did anyone else notice the white pixel on the screen....? Cause it triggered the hell outta me
Purple? Måned siden
he said if the cake was good then he would pat himself on the back. He said it tasted good. So wheres the fucking pat on the back
Gnome Chumpsky6
Gnome Chumpsky6 Måned siden
Mmm Red Velvet cake is the best cake
Yoda Måned siden
I dont think that its possible to like this man more than I do
Da Peanut Butter
Da Peanut Butter Måned siden
Baking bad
indie Måned siden
fun fact: every single time he says cooking in this video, he means baking
Patriotic Doge
Patriotic Doge Måned siden
Was kinda expecting him to use a plastic plant pot
gavin_wer _customs
gavin_wer _customs Måned siden
you forgot the pesticides
PeachLemons Måned siden
This is definitely my comfort video💃💃
Holy Crusader
Holy Crusader Måned siden
Recently I have had a groundbreaking idea introducing the pizza bowl with layers of cheese and sauce if you want toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, or ham they would be in the layers of cheese and sauce
Rafi Arrington
Rafi Arrington Måned siden
Either Ted is short or he is sitting down
Rafi Arrington
Rafi Arrington Måned siden
If I ever see Ted in public I will say to him “these are cocoa beans these are cocoa beans these are cocoa beans”
uneasycylinder. png
uneasycylinder. png Måned siden
Tips if you were ever to do this again: - make sure the cake is completely cooled before icing because the icing you put on looked to be melting - cut the cake in half or thirds and ice in between the layers to avoid a dry cake experience
DillbertMcShmutts Måned siden
But why has he got a sniper locked to his head the whole time?
Finley Hicks
Finley Hicks Måned siden
12:07 'I dont know how to get a better on this' (demonetization)
amanda devine
amanda devine Måned siden
"its a whisk, That's a whisk." - Ted
SSS 2 måneder siden
It always somehow turns out good. Maybe it's all because of Ted's ridiculous skills.
Doopy Darp
Doopy Darp 2 måneder siden
Next you should do gardening with cooking tools.
echuinox 2 måneder siden
I got an add for baking tools while watching this
Victory Ender
Victory Ender 2 måneder siden
I don't know what I like more. Etho cooking or Ted
CyN 2 måneder siden
I found waldo
Kristin Briggs
Kristin Briggs 2 måneder siden
it is *ahem* a whisk he is willing to take, if you will
itsjustbmo 2 måneder siden
i made this same recipe a few nights ago and my frosting didn’t turn out right. it’s because i didn’t have Kerrygold. and for that, Ted, i deeply apologize. i fully expect Twitter to cancel me and my NOwindowr apology will be posed shortly
Cactusleft3574 2 måneder siden
Ted in need of a standing mixer *stands and mixes
verevay 2 måneder siden
Him: don't try this at home kids im an expert Me (a kid): bruh... Me to
Marley Müller
Marley Müller 2 måneder siden
He forgot the the chocolate cake.
Zebra Butt
Zebra Butt Måned siden
What do you think cocoa power is
Coinops_Pro 2 måneder siden
can confirm i work at Lowe,s
Thine Spidet
Thine Spidet 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one annoyed by that white x that keeps appearing on Ted’s head? That’s real distracting to me,
Emofrogtrash 2 måneder siden
For my own serotonin purposes 12:14-
LileeIsntSoSmart 2 måneder siden
Typhoontav 2 måneder siden
9 months later I only just saw the epic Games notification in the bottom right of his computer screen in the intro. How did I never see it
Stefani Kaye
Stefani Kaye 2 måneder siden
11:02-13:03 best ever
Charlotte McNaughton
Charlotte McNaughton 2 måneder siden
OMG so relatable!!!
OmbTim VR - RecRoom
OmbTim VR - RecRoom 2 måneder siden
Clickbait, the cake wasn’t made of gardening tools meaning he didn’t make a cake with only gardening tools 😤
Clare Paulsen
Clare Paulsen 2 måneder siden
Asparagus fork. that’s the whisk you used. it’s named after a vegetable. you know this now.
Aya Mansouri Yahiaoui
Aya Mansouri Yahiaoui 2 måneder siden
Who s going to tell him that ppl use terra cotta cooking pots all over the world
Kaleb Kasper
Kaleb Kasper 2 måneder siden
Says he hates gardening yet he has plants in his window
sofia 2 måneder siden
Did no one else see the white dot on the screen
CherieVacie 2 måneder siden
Honestly I’m just impressed that you were able to mix all that in one sitting. Your shoulders must be dead lol
Halo 2 måneder siden
Why didn’t you just make a blue velvet cake
ratthew _
ratthew _ 2 måneder siden
did anyone else see the fucking white dot
Darth Lynx
Darth Lynx 2 måneder siden
If only Carson hated felonies too
The lean mean Bean machine
The lean mean Bean machine 2 måneder siden
Confectionary sugar is powdered sugar
Alex Cappiello
Alex Cappiello 2 måneder siden
0/10, didn't eat it with a trowel
melancholyflow 2 måneder siden
"It would be a felony."
appl key
appl key 2 måneder siden
ted is like markiplier schlatt fused together and then they had a kid with bill nye
Gosha Grandchild
Gosha Grandchild 2 måneder siden
What I learned, *all ya need is a ripper.*
Abbi 2 måneder siden
Nisah Bijkerk
Nisah Bijkerk 2 måneder siden
Thanks NOwindow recommended, you did it again
Meliteru 2 måneder siden
Early 2020: These are cocoa beans. *These are cocoa beans.* **These are cocoa beans.** Late 2020: This is a whisk. *This is a whisk.* **This is a whisk.**
Samtheballoon15 2 måneder siden
All you had to do was make green velvet cake. Then it would’ve been perfect
Am3ie 2 måneder siden
Ted has such an interesting aesthetic and I’m for it
Paddy Meehan
Paddy Meehan 2 måneder siden
>Baking a Cake with Only Gardening Tools >and measring cups >and a mixing bowl >and another mixing bowl >and an oven I mean this is just "baking a cake" maybe "baking a cake in a weird pan while sometimes pouring ingredients over a trowel in uncomfortable gloves" I mean I guess your title is catchier but untrue
amber 2 måneder siden
it probably wouldn't have taken as long to cook if you heated up the terracotta like a baking stone 💀
Beckett Rash
Beckett Rash 2 måneder siden
We should put ted on nailed it!
turntechGodhead 2 måneder siden
3 minutes in and ive already got a concern the pots have holes, ted edit : i see
Orla D.
Orla D. 2 måneder siden
It's funny how Ted thinks we have an actual thought process
Connor 2 måneder siden
9:04 that fucking white dot is pissing me off
lpsdj1324 2 måneder siden
Me: wondering how he's gonna deal with the holes in the flower pots
LPOW84 2 måneder siden
I've just found your channel and have watched several videos. Watching you cook and prepare things so dangerously and incorrectly sends chills down my spine but also you're funny so I'm torn, but I'm still subscribed 🤷‍♀️
BlueMaster75 2 måneder siden
13:40 this reminds me of a muffin. But it's a big muffin.
Fortunate Bum
Fortunate Bum 2 måneder siden
There's just soo much wrong with this video, from the pixel on his head to the frosting can he didn't mention, what else are you not telling us boy.
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