Creating The Ultimate Milk

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Ted Nivison

År siden

Creating The Ultimate Milk using all of the types of milk we could find, such as Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, also Banana Milk but really i don't want to talk about that because it's kind of a sensitive subject right now
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison År siden
Thanks for watching guys! If you're interested in merch, there's a CRAM merch campaign going on at - buying one of those will support the channel! Also follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you know what to search.
mr 4k
mr 4k 15 dager siden
Lillia Fish
Lillia Fish 18 dager siden
Ted you missed human milk.
Reii 18 dager siden
Goop is gwenyths company. Like Iron man's wife. How did Ted get cram merch on goop.
Scott Visovatti
Scott Visovatti Måned siden
@Eleonora Cables what the actual f*ck... He *clearly* wasn’t a friend man..
fluffmallow 2 måneder siden
Just want you to know my moms favorite milk is banana
Chi Fang
Chi Fang 5 timer siden
Might be the only person who once loved skim milk I can no longer handle milk below 2% soooo
jotaro 8 timer siden
i likw milk
Xx Symphony xX
Xx Symphony xX Dag siden
Me who drinks lactade bc I’m lactose intolerant whisking I could drink normal milk: 👁👄👁
Chris Goubkine
Chris Goubkine 2 dager siden
this one mom, this is the friend i want
Oliver Ryan
Oliver Ryan 6 dager siden
I love strawberry milk Very sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sadd
DizzyTZ 8 dager siden
Even Ted hates skim milk
BerryBoyTommy Extra
BerryBoyTommy Extra 9 dager siden
i will not take this strawberry milk slander. get a better brand
Your local Canadian
Your local Canadian 12 dager siden
My sister drink coconut milk.. how does she do it?
gameplay clips
gameplay clips 14 dager siden
Me and my homies fucking hate almonds
Shadow 122
Shadow 122 14 dager siden
Dani have you seen this
Edgy Opinions
Edgy Opinions 15 dager siden
I rewatched this video today and had a slight panic attack when they jumpcutted to the store and I saw people not wearing masks. But then I realized this video was made pre covid.
thepandapleb 15 dager siden
I shall carry on the milk divide till the day I die. Cows milk is the only acceptable milk. Except for almond milk in cereal.
MeAndMe Yt
MeAndMe Yt 15 dager siden
I have some weird problems with dairy free milk... Almond milk gives me slight stomach pains and gas. Soy milk gives me sort of severe stomach pains and diarrhoea. I’m fine with coconut milk though, it’s yummy. Thats all the dairy free milk I’ve tried, also chai tea gives me slight stomach pains (it’s annoying because I really like it)
FlamingPhantom 16 dager siden
How the fuck do the kids at school like strawberry milk it is so horrifyingly bad
Emmerson Hall
Emmerson Hall 16 dager siden
how are we sure it’s the ultimate milk if we haven’t taken into account banana milk?
Lavender Kitty
Lavender Kitty 16 dager siden
I’m lactose intolerant so all the non cow milks is my home ground bois
wolfincasper 17 dager siden
Alpaca 🦙
The_ H_man_Human
The_ H_man_Human 17 dager siden
You forgot a milk...
Radioactive Unicorn
Radioactive Unicorn 17 dager siden
I am disappointed at the lack of coffee milk
shiniest aipom
shiniest aipom 18 dager siden
almonds are the worst because they have cyanide in them
Patapetta Rules
Patapetta Rules 18 dager siden
CarrotFromParis 457
CarrotFromParis 457 19 dager siden
Almonds are the worst nut.
Phoenix Gaming
Phoenix Gaming 19 dager siden
Regular Lactaid is good
Lake Leonard
Lake Leonard 20 dager siden
The Omni-Milk.
Birb Gaming
Birb Gaming 20 dager siden
Imagine being a cashier and this fucker walks up with a milk shirt on and 20 different milk varieties in his cart
NegativeMars47 20 dager siden
You see Ted there is a vetting place in Maine USA Harris farm I believe LITERALLY makes every milk even coffee milk go now make update
Ryan Allen
Ryan Allen 20 dager siden
look okay ted, im attempting your 400 mg dose thing, and banana milk sounds like it fucking slaps rn ngl
Serenity Tried
Serenity Tried 20 dager siden
Ya know soy milk is just milk introducing itself in Spanish.
Epicness_Defined 20 dager siden
The 2021 version of milky Mondays
K and J doing other weird stuff!
K and J doing other weird stuff! 21 dag siden
Ted is like if you left the choir kid, the kid with adhd, and the crack head together unsupervised, something chaotic is gonna happen, and it'll be extremely entertaining
Eventum Co.
Eventum Co. 21 dag siden
5:17 I’m sorry Brian. It had to happen
JaCrispy McDonalds
JaCrispy McDonalds 22 dager siden
Veteran vegan here, oat milk from planet oat is THE BEST milk substitute. However I think the vanilla one is better than the original
Aubrey Ratliff
Aubrey Ratliff 23 dager siden
I’m lactose intolerant and Ted Nivison has become my greatest enemy today
kaibehere 25 dager siden
Is banana milk not a normal thing in America?????
Cheese 27 dager siden
Have you guys heard of honey milk it's good
Nevmo 29 dager siden
Bruh Ripple is like the closest non-dairy alternative to milk. It comes from pea (as in the little green vegetable) protein and it's one of the only non-dairy "milks" that is actually creamy like dairy milk.
Alysa Davies
Alysa Davies 29 dager siden
no, no i dont like milk
WoofWizard Måned siden
Ted: "100K subs..." Me: "how has this man gained 780K subs in the course of about 2 years and yet i dont get any credit for whatever tf i do...?" oh right i dont have a yt channel yet
SuperFrie Måned siden
I'm just upset cause they probably all would've tasted different if he didn't use the same glass for each one
Avery Smith
Avery Smith Måned siden
My dairy sensitive self is trembling
Samuel Cortes
Samuel Cortes Måned siden
I love milk!
Talon Craven
Talon Craven Måned siden
Why wasn’t Ted wearing a mask?
seigne Måned siden
why does he sound exactly like Slimecicle
Christian Soup
Christian Soup Måned siden
They went to wegmans, the store that’s full of hotties
Keep Calm
Keep Calm Måned siden
I have a feeling he didnt rinse each cup after each milk
Ben Canaya
Ben Canaya Måned siden
You weren’t supposed to drink coconut milk
Aiden Castanedaacosta
Aiden Castanedaacosta Måned siden
This video reminds me of my father! He'll come back with the ultimate milk someday...
Cole Montano
Cole Montano Måned siden
Today my mom came home from the store with the same Banana Milk Ted had, it was truly awful and should never be consumed.
Mr. Dreary Giraffe
Mr. Dreary Giraffe Måned siden
Ted: "I'm just gonna frame you" Also Ted: "I would never threaten my fans."
Juriette Måned siden
I don’t know what that American banana milk is like, but Korean banana milk is heavenly!! Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and Benedict Cumberbatch can testify.
BLP153 Måned siden
I am lactose intolerant and I really recommend fair life milk it is so good I just really recommend
logan Måned siden
everyone who disliked probably has weak bones
Cloud Måned siden
Marion Walter
Marion Walter Måned siden
W E G M A N ‘ S
Obi Wan kenobi
Obi Wan kenobi Måned siden
Bro I used to think wegmans was only a New York thing
Hayzee Crazy
Hayzee Crazy Måned siden
i hate milk
Matilda Dunn
Matilda Dunn Måned siden
Do Americans not know what flax wtf
The Mastro Show
The Mastro Show Måned siden
When he says that hits different I forgot that they were talking about MILK
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Måned siden
Why can I smell the choco milk?
The Recruit
The Recruit Måned siden
Replace Milk with Milf. Great time.
Obi Wan kenobi
Obi Wan kenobi Måned siden
Wow mr Flanders I’m disappointed
dan Måned siden
"Those plants arent even real! They're from target. I bought fake succulents and still put them in the sun. WHO DOES THAT?!" - Ted Nivison 2019
StrayPaws Måned siden
I was wondering why they weren’t wearing masks on the store and then I realized when this was filmed
Ball Toko
Ball Toko Måned siden
omg literally
Zander Moore
Zander Moore Måned siden
He and Dani would get along very well
Dankster Måned siden
Dani vs the milk man
Nateghost11 L
Nateghost11 L Måned siden
Anyone here in 2021
Kevin Webber
Kevin Webber Måned siden
i am milk father is that you?
Mc Lovemoffin
Mc Lovemoffin Måned siden
imperial milk drinkers
u Måned siden
it’s weird seeing a famous youtuber both live on the east coast, and also go to wegmans
Jett Black
Jett Black Måned siden
Oh my gosh I can just imagine what whoever check you out was thinking.
FiReB1aZe2802 Måned siden
My man went up 700k in a year holy shit
Ghost draws
Ghost draws Måned siden
Coconut milk ruined coconuts for me. I can't eat anything with coconuts in it cause it just tastes so fucking bad, and my mom *loves* it. And buys it all the time.
TheTGamer 69
TheTGamer 69 Måned siden
Please make the ultimate water
Seth Holton
Seth Holton Måned siden
ted WOULD say vanella
Me The One
Me The One Måned siden
What song is this, I NEED TO KNOW!!! 1:26 - 1:33
ThiccBoiKoopa Måned siden
I like how it looks like ted lives in the middle of a forest🤣
Simon Graff
Simon Graff 2 måneder siden
shame [retacted] milk was bad, it low key sounded good af
Victory Ender
Victory Ender 2 måneder siden
izzy c
izzy c 2 måneder siden
i’m lactose intolerant but oat milk and lactose free milk are kinda gross so i basically do this every morning to have cereal
castle tastle
castle tastle 2 måneder siden
Can you make the ultimate cereal and put it inside the ultimate milk
CloudoLoud 2 måneder siden
As somebody who's lactose intolerant and is binging funny Ted videos, Why must I find this
TheIrex10 2 måneder siden
I just came back to this video because I have to lay off dairy for awhile and I need to know what a good substitute for milk is. I’m trusting in you Ted, don’t disappoint...
Micheal Novak
Micheal Novak 2 måneder siden
Is it just me, or does Ted come across as the child of Unus Annus?
YOvNG CRvSH 2 måneder siden
Ted. I'm sad you didnt get cockroach milk. Smh my head.
Tony bruh
Tony bruh 2 måneder siden
This man just created 100% milk
Carter Casey
Carter Casey 2 måneder siden
Cereal when haves milk
juicejunkie 2 måneder siden
Madison Lockwood
Madison Lockwood 2 måneder siden
Yk I was just asking if there was a milk that could give me BONES OF IRON
Lorraine Gonzalez
Lorraine Gonzalez 2 måneder siden
Seeing people without masks in these old videos is really really weird
Neko Bunbun-chan
Neko Bunbun-chan 2 måneder siden
Haha, I’m lactose intolerant and I still chug a whole jug of milk.. my guts hate me
DarkAbysss 2 måneder siden
Toxic 2 måneder siden
So weird that they’re not wearing masks... I’m so used to it now 😬
potatojulia 2 måneder siden
I looked and my first thought was just ew
Woody Youngblood
Woody Youngblood 2 måneder siden
Woody Youngblood
Woody Youngblood 2 måneder siden
@ghost innit yes
ghost innit
ghost innit 2 måneder siden
is this /j
Disposed & Hidden
Disposed & Hidden 2 måneder siden
Dani pt. 2
uutsuyo 2 måneder siden
i swear, this man somehow managed to pick the shittiest chocy and strawberry milk
HuskyWolf Gamer89
HuskyWolf Gamer89 2 måneder siden
He’s like Danny Gonzalez if he didn’t react to stuff
Project Error
Project Error 2 måneder siden
Ted we’re going to hell anyway
done dane
done dane 2 måneder siden
just now realized you missed rice milk
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn 2 måneder siden
Loving this content
Bibity Bopbity
Bibity Bopbity 2 måneder siden
I love how the cups didn’t klink so you know there plastic. A true regular not trying to be fancy I might start crying
Katy Illenye
Katy Illenye 2 måneder siden
Why didn’t they shake the milk
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