I Became an Action Star in 30 Days...

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Ted Nivison

2 måneder siden

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I became an action star in 30 days, and man was it the ride of my life. Join Ted Nivison as he learns from a 25 year stunt coordinator veteran, and recreates a scene from Universal's new movie, Nobody, for the glory of Bob Odenkirk

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William Osman also made a similar video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjSAc...


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Check out their new film Nobody starring Emmy winner Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, an underestimated and overlooked dad and husband, taking life's indignities on the chin and never pushing back. A nobody. When two thieves break into his suburban home one night, Hutch declines to defend himself or his family, hoping to prevent serious violence. His teenage son, Blake, is disappointed in him and his wife, Becca, seems to pull only further away. The aftermath of the incident strikes a match to Hutch's long-simmering rage, triggering dormant instincts and propelling him on a brutal path that will surface dark secrets and lethal skills. In a barrage of fists, gunfire and squealing tires, Hutch must save his family from a dangerous adversary --and ensure that he will never be underestimated as a nobody again.

cer spence
cer spence 2 måneder siden
Ted actually beat the shit out of us we're still in pain
Depressed Thunder fan
Depressed Thunder fan Måned siden
What up checkmark
St0nky w0nkys
St0nky w0nkys Måned siden
Nio theNonBinary
Nio theNonBinary Måned siden
Oh- uh.. you okay?
stepbro lester
stepbro lester Måned siden
And drinking beer and piss?
Micha3lJr Huneycutt
Micha3lJr Huneycutt Måned siden
krisp Dag siden
3:45 the pure terror on teds face as he saw his life flash before his eyes
Serenity Tried
Serenity Tried Dag siden
This is actually us in the game karlson trying to get the milk. We are missing billy our bot friend.
Miako Ghost
Miako Ghost 3 dager siden
Can’t wait to see the Milkman’s introduction to the MCU
emma :l
emma :l 4 dager siden
"you stole my minecraft account"
—QU4CK1TYADD1CT 6 dager siden
god fucking damn it
Denva 6 dager siden
So you basically took a stage combat class with the pros. No freakin' way. Also holy crap, that was an IMPRESSIVE little movie you made, loved the milk-man spin you put on it XD
Gehring Howard
Gehring Howard 7 dager siden
Give me back my bionicles
Reaction action
Reaction action 8 dager siden
T_0K0 9 dager siden
"who plays Minecraft anymore" twitter: cancl
Someone_random 12 dager siden
“Who plays Minecraft anymore” the dream smp: 👁👄👁
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman 13 dager siden
Your mom
YOvNG CRvSH 13 dager siden
I inspire to be an actor/filmmaker as yourself ted. Seeing your channel growth is truly inspiring to me
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman 13 dager siden
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman 13 dager siden
Yes indeed she’s dead
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman 13 dager siden
Gaming gaming iPhone
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman 13 dager siden
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman 13 dager siden
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman
That one guy with a deep voice but he’s not Batman 13 dager siden
Emoji man
yayo 17 dager siden
The way he holds that AR makes me sick
Aesthetic Boy
Aesthetic Boy 17 dager siden
William Osman got the same sponsorship and did the same thing with the stunt coordinator and had to do a scene.
Young Quan
Young Quan 17 dager siden
Why is the video black?
Teagan 18 dager siden
Could we please get more violent milk man 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Grace Taylor
Grace Taylor 18 dager siden
"who plays Minecraft anymore" Me playing Minecraft while watching this video 👁️👄👁️
Nancy Black
Nancy Black 18 dager siden
Milkman? More like butcher
Sharp 18 dager siden
This whole project seems like a nightmare to put together. I'm impressed
F8Breaker YT
F8Breaker YT 19 dager siden
Honestly an action series or movie with Ted as the Protagonist, Charlie Slimecicle as the goofy best friend, and Jschlatt as the main villain would be sick as fuck-
Thomas Currie
Thomas Currie 19 dager siden
Why does the door open like that
Doge Crackers
Doge Crackers 19 dager siden
holy shi
Mas_n 19 dager siden
*umg has claimed this video*
Gunnar T
Gunnar T 19 dager siden
"That's my nerds rope!" No Ted NO! Not again!!
Lilminion 25
Lilminion 25 20 dager siden
Please make part 2
gabrielle 20 dager siden
goddamn it; i was plannin on stealin some minecraft accounts but this video scared me straight. there goes my plans for the evening :(
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie 20 dager siden
The fact that Ted has so many bob themes shirts amazes me-
Daniel Abbott
Daniel Abbott 21 dag siden
Such a good and funny video, lol
Money Squeeze
Money Squeeze 21 dag siden
Bob is Ted’s Stand.
Mccreediocre 21 dag siden
Daniel seem’s legit really cool. This must’ve been so awesome.
Carlen MacFarlane
Carlen MacFarlane 21 dag siden
2:53 I was not expecting that joke... But I absolutely loved it
Migui Q
Migui Q 21 dag siden
"Give me back my Bionicle" Actual chills
dani hannah
dani hannah 21 dag siden
i finally connected the dots. i was like oh my god daniel looks so familiar why? and i racked my brain and i racked my brain. and then tonight i was rewatching an interview between john mulaney and bill hader. DANIEL WAS IN SEASON 2 OF BARRY. he played a character named ronnie.
apple 22 dager siden
This video should have 10 mil views
zubdub 22 dager siden
Ted would be a great larper lmao
gummy wummy bear
gummy wummy bear 22 dager siden
I would love to see an entire movie about Milk Man
Jxque T
Jxque T 23 dager siden
“Thats my nerds rope!” No ted... tha- thats an edible...
MaxxBrass9237 24 dager siden
This video has enflamed my "inner film making demon" as you put it, and now I am legitimately going to make my own film. Thank you Milk Man, I love you.
cjfromrealestate 24 dager siden
not the nerds rope (5:40)
bruh Moment
bruh Moment 24 dager siden
Yooooo he met Saul goodman
EaterOfCheesePuffs 24 dager siden
hes the milk man, his milk is delicious.
Mark Boucher
Mark Boucher 25 dager siden
Actually pretty damn sick!
Hozic 25 dager siden
i loved that there was no blood on milkman
MightBeMiles 26 dager siden
Theodore Kennedy Nivison
Gabe Linton
Gabe Linton 26 dager siden
Ted, I recently had an interview at a Wegman’s I had no idea was in my state. Really hope I get the job because I now understand why you love it so much.
Nora Wojchouski
Nora Wojchouski 26 dager siden
I saw the milk jug in the intro and i screamed " MILK MAN!" out loud... I have friends over....
Charlie Monroe
Charlie Monroe 26 dager siden
Conek 27 dager siden
2.54 good one
malak 28 dager siden
i watched that movie not to long ago
isabeleu Måned siden
"i stole his cheez its" *winds up for punch*
Estel Getty
Estel Getty Måned siden
Am I the only one who thinks Ted looks like Pete Davidson’s brother that went to private school.
etherealleather Måned siden
i love ted
MineYourBeesWax Måned siden
you ever mix powdered milk into milk so you get more milk per milk?
smash 69
smash 69 Måned siden
*wipes blood onto shirt* ~shirt's still clean~
WonderGoblin Måned siden
5:30 got me ROLLING
Noah Matos
Noah Matos Måned siden
This is my second time watching this, and im just so glad he got this opportunity.
Weeblybraelyn Måned siden
I’m kinda upset he didn’t contact the Lunch Club to do the recreation scene 👀
Sentient Bottle of Jack Daniel's
Sentient Bottle of Jack Daniel's Måned siden
Id watch this
Aleksandar Sirozenko
Aleksandar Sirozenko Måned siden
better than william osman
CanadiArt Måned siden
Can someone make a bloody edit of this.
Annie Denvir
Annie Denvir Måned siden
Did he just buy all these bob shirts just for this video or did he already have them?
Serpent Slithers
Serpent Slithers Måned siden
Ted Nivision Studios presents The Milkman
M Donaldson
M Donaldson Måned siden
You should do a taste test but you can only describe stuff with sounds
ethan Måned siden
"I am the milkman, my milk is delicious."
Noah Fopma
Noah Fopma Måned siden
Ok, but actually though, why are they so good
Jay Fox
Jay Fox Måned siden
I am impressed, young Peter Griffin can fake fight. Watch it for angry chickens. Lol great video.
melissarobs Måned siden
yoooo this is so fucking good
Zero Hitmen
Zero Hitmen Måned siden
this feels like playing pretend with my friends back in elementary
official raul
official raul Måned siden
I became an action star by starting my channel
Christian H
Christian H Måned siden
This video has the best like/dislike ratio I have ever seen, absolutly deserved
CM Anime
CM Anime Måned siden
I can’t images all the milk the milk man drunk
ZanMan & Co.
ZanMan & Co. Måned siden
What psycho at NOwindow decided to remove ads on this masterpiece
Joastry Måned siden
sleepy Måned siden
not even 1 million views????
#1 Simp 0_0
#1 Simp 0_0 Måned siden
Ngl he did really good for his first time !!
erwin meester
erwin meester Måned siden
I've seen the movie twice, Bob was right, you are worthy of being a nobody. Great work!
Davaki Måned siden
This man sounds like wallmart peter griffen
Jacob Lilley
Jacob Lilley Måned siden
i love how he said "theres only one milk man"
Levilax98 Måned siden
Ted's got an awesome front door!
yenalum Måned siden
ted fought ronny proxin from barry
I'm just Looking For my Watch
I'm just Looking For my Watch Måned siden
Can we keep in mind that the Stumt Coordinator is also a main character in the hit film "Santa's Summer House"
iPlayGames Måned siden
the like/dislike rate on this video man, wtf
K27asdf Måned siden
I will now go watch this movie because of this video. Thanks Ted!
Crosby The Wolf
Crosby The Wolf Måned siden
12:15, so I can rewatch this scene repeatedly
Andrew Lukkuz
Andrew Lukkuz Måned siden
Ted kicked my grandmother in her head until she died. He then did it for a few more hours. My grandmother is pulp :(
detail from beyond
detail from beyond Måned siden
This is actually fricking good
Tiffany Candella
Tiffany Candella Måned siden
5:40 no Ted that’s a 400mg edible
BananaFace301 Måned siden
I think you should make a full length film for the milkman.
Double-O-Tism Måned siden
I'm the milkman, my milk is delicious.
Decimal Ocean ง'̀-'́ง
Decimal Ocean ง'̀-'́ง Måned siden
Next think you know schlatt is gonna get a sponsor from Disney and kick darth Vader’s ass, for the last scene he’s gonna pull out his wallet and go “now, allow me to fulfill a contractual obligation.”
Turek Måned siden
milk man supermancy
My name is a secret
My name is a secret Måned siden
New lore implies the milk man is immune to any colour but white, since even though he "wiped" a knife there was no blood on his shirt.
Orij Måned siden
Milkman assaults 2 local bystanders
jhunphillip123 Måned siden
movie star arc
DefinitNotKev Måned siden
You have no idea how much i would pay to see a full professionally directed 2 hour action movie of the milk man with Ted in it.
Lil_Jewzi_ Vert
Lil_Jewzi_ Vert Måned siden
we just gonna ignore Ted throwing a guy like a rag doll at 4:33?
cacxa_chicken Måned siden
you did well!
Nio theNonBinary
Nio theNonBinary Måned siden
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