I'm back.

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Ted Nivison

4 måneder siden

I'm back. Let's talk about why I don't post often, and why I'm gonna be posting more. Be kind to yourselves, folks.
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in Los Angeles. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Lifegaurdog !
Lifegaurdog ! 4 dager siden
2:12 sus 😳
Temptation 18 dager siden
Ted I don’t think you’ve ever asked anyone to subscribe, therefore I am obligated to tell you that it works surprisingly well. You should try it some time
Tk viPerZ
Tk viPerZ Måned siden
PyczeG Måned siden
The like/dislike ratio:O!
sblc Måned siden
2:11 sus
the bruh video
the bruh video Måned siden
Give me your hairline
beasty 3632
beasty 3632 Måned siden
Guys lets be honest, ted is gay
Doc The Peek
Doc The Peek Måned siden
What happened to lunch box with the Minecraft recipes in real life and stuff
Storm Måned siden
imposter syndrome? is that like an among us reference thats pretty sus Ted
Pshyan Måned siden
Good video
Stan Nicki for clear skin
Stan Nicki for clear skin Måned siden
So that was a fucking lie
Daniel B
Daniel B 2 måneder siden
Do another of this but soon.
kevin 2 måneder siden
You look like megan, the;e stalloin
Teeks Måned siden
Kristin Briggs
Kristin Briggs 2 måneder siden
I love you
kokichi 2 måneder siden
Make cram
danae koloka
danae koloka 2 måneder siden
You look like a Google employee
TimTamPlays 2 måneder siden
Other NOwindowrs: im not asking for any sympathy from you guys Me: oh yeah you're definitely not asking Ted: im not trying to drum up any sympathy from you guys Me: you know what..... ok
Detective 2 måneder siden
Let the tedtalk begin
Scary Hero
Scary Hero 2 måneder siden
Koluvyal 2 måneder siden
What is the intro song
jazzy adrian
jazzy adrian 2 måneder siden
2:11 😈😈
dumpster 2 måneder siden
A little sussy🥵🥵🥵
Highland Bear
Highland Bear 2 måneder siden
TBh Ted was looking awfully... SUS!!! But, Yeah You-tubers and entertainers in general get Impostor syndrome a lot. Don’t sweat it, true fans will appreciate the honesty.
Klupzu 2 måneder siden
*leaves again*
Finn Crossan
Finn Crossan 2 måneder siden
Finn Crossan
Finn Crossan 2 måneder siden
/\ / \ / \
Finn Crossan
Finn Crossan 2 måneder siden
Rose Frequency
Rose Frequency 2 måneder siden
and now he's gone again lol
Keke Doin
Keke Doin 2 måneder siden
Not really it was 2 posts in a month that’s a really good start
callumery 11
callumery 11 2 måneder siden
Wishin i was like 100k
Easton Weber
Easton Weber 2 måneder siden
2:55 I love Chinese food
mrmcthiccc 3 måneder siden
· // GAV // ·
· // GAV // · 3 måneder siden
I can’t believe about what happened with callmecarson
Unusually Odd Academy
Unusually Odd Academy 2 måneder siden
@· // GAV // · bruh he needs support not stuff like that. He has depression, and besides the situation is blown way out of proportion
· // GAV // ·
· // GAV // · 2 måneder siden
@Your Friend Güs I unsubscribed to him now
611war 3 måneder siden
Imposter syndrome kinda sus
Mantas Ginelevičius
Mantas Ginelevičius 3 måneder siden
upload more you hobo
Nick Hull
Nick Hull 3 måneder siden
No matter where you are in the world, no matter what you may be feeling, we will always stand by the milk Ted. Remember that👍
Andrew Grays
Andrew Grays 3 måneder siden
Ryan 3 måneder siden
I always enjoy your videos, I respect your decisions. I always rewatch most of your videos at my most upsetting moments. And you always make me smile and laugh, thank you.
the big chode JB
the big chode JB 3 måneder siden
More like red sus syndrome 😳
TTalon 3 måneder siden
Ted is so clear when he speaks, turn on closed captions and I guarantee you almost every word is perfectly translated
jas s
jas s Måned siden
bye what you’re right
harmonica boy
harmonica boy 3 måneder siden
I believe in you Ted, let the symphony of harmonicas guide you :)
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu 3 måneder siden
we dont like your videos because of the content, we like them because you made them and you are a very funny and relaxed person. keep it up man.
치즈 3 måneder siden
hobo check
Braindead 420
Braindead 420 3 måneder siden
please do not make hotdogs out of cats, Ted. we do not want Hotcats.
BSM 2 3 måneder siden
2:13 When Ted is sus!😳 _sorry not sorry_
e 3 måneder siden
he's back
Chris Luna
Chris Luna 3 måneder siden
you hobo
Carson Paul Lee
Carson Paul Lee 3 måneder siden
I’ve got some ideas of how to treat yourself for treating ego inflation & such! Use your rights to make it better for all of us, Xbox game pass is 1$ also many different ideas for a job in the arts of any kind are very hard. U got it
Luci Carcass
Luci Carcass 3 måneder siden
Your back
k forbes
k forbes 3 måneder siden
Very great. Much success 👍🏽 *edit* for emoji cuz fucka youa
Tyro 3 måneder siden
I thought the title was "I'm black." This says a lot about me.
E.king5897 2 måneder siden
@JohnsVideos hmmmmmm
E.king5897 2 måneder siden
Oh I get it u r dyslexic
Boe Jiden
Boe Jiden 2 måneder siden
MiSionDanY 2 måneder siden
Дегдар Туменбаев
Дегдар Туменбаев 3 måneder siden
"Upload more you hobo" Danial Armin, 1 month ago
Teagan Duplantis
Teagan Duplantis 3 måneder siden
Strong old iDubbbz vibes
Paul Kurtz
Paul Kurtz 3 måneder siden
Ted is sus
DuckLord 3 måneder siden
Cool vid bro but i've noticed that your audio is slightly out of sync. just a heads up :)
Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison 3 måneder siden
No it’s not you’re out of sync
ShibEly 3 måneder siden
heya ted, just wanted to say that we like your videos because of who you are not who you think you should be. Oh and also welcome back
SomeRandomGuy 707
SomeRandomGuy 707 3 måneder siden
Hi Back, I'm Jake
PieR 3 måneder siden
Where's the video Ted? You said that you were going to post a video when the chuckle sandwich went up! You villain
roofus 3 måneder siden
what a nice ted talk
Max Baker
Max Baker 3 måneder siden
where tf is the video ted
Olivia Baer
Olivia Baer 3 måneder siden
and people are really gonna sit here and say rude shit to make you feel bad ?? i think a lot of people need to realize that youtubers are human beings too:( leave him be he’s doing an amazing job, whether or not he’s uploading all the time
Ardentcal P
Ardentcal P 3 måneder siden
I just miss Moses 😔
Olivia Baer
Olivia Baer 3 måneder siden
hope everything is okay and you are having an amazing day :)
That Classic Viewer
That Classic Viewer 3 måneder siden
This man had some attention from some house names!
Colby Smith
Colby Smith 3 måneder siden
Upload More Or Else :)
Seth Swaim
Seth Swaim 3 måneder siden
Hey big liar boy wheres the new video
Willis _
Willis _ 3 måneder siden
It’s been two weeks
Kyden Kent
Kyden Kent 3 måneder siden
Just saw chucklesanswich where is the new video Ted?
Mac Baise
Mac Baise 3 måneder siden
He’s gone again
Elliott Boddington
Elliott Boddington 3 måneder siden
ok... so where da video
Clobberin Time
Clobberin Time 3 måneder siden
Hi ted, I'm here from Chuckle Sandwich, and I'm here to let you know that you have "fucked up" and not uploaded that video you said you were. But hey, I'm just your conscience. A GAME CONSCIENCE Thanks for reading
BaskingBall1 3 måneder siden
Erdling 3 måneder siden
2 weeks later and not a single video, nice one
Snity 3 måneder siden
It’s amazing how many people with check marks enjoy Ted and how little subscribers Ted has
Ifan Stoddart
Ifan Stoddart 3 måneder siden
Just make a cover of the film Rango. That would be epic.
MC chrom74
MC chrom74 3 måneder siden
This whole video is cap
MC chrom74
MC chrom74 3 måneder siden
@Ted Nivison ok maybe i didnt think you would post a video in the last like 2 days
Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison 3 måneder siden
swaggyshaggy78 TTV
swaggyshaggy78 TTV 3 måneder siden
Where’s Carson
swaggyshaggy78 TTV
swaggyshaggy78 TTV 3 måneder siden
@Carson no I have just which he was back
Carson 3 måneder siden
ummmm, you havent heard
Thriina ._.
Thriina ._. 3 måneder siden
5241 Z
5241 Z 3 måneder siden
upload something loser
Stavanski 3 måneder siden
And he’s gone again
Cindy Juntunen
Cindy Juntunen 3 måneder siden
Lets goooooo
Black Jack
Black Jack 3 måneder siden
And then.... he wasn’t
Windows XP
Windows XP 3 måneder siden
Windows XP would like to issue a personal welcome back mah dude !
K2_ Fuze
K2_ Fuze 3 måneder siden
Me: Ted your back (two weeks ago)
Paradoxx 3 måneder siden
Peter caine mad at you ted n vison
ITs Me
ITs Me 3 måneder siden
Imagine Ted reply this comment 😌🥺
hsjw uquahs
hsjw uquahs 3 måneder siden
"im back"
Misty Alien
Misty Alien 3 måneder siden
Ted new year, new you. Grow a beard, a beard of wisdom. Praise the all mighty milk man!
robyn 3 måneder siden
hi ted
Braylen Kelley
Braylen Kelley 3 måneder siden
You wanna play funny sticks ted
Maddoc McGowan
Maddoc McGowan 3 måneder siden
2:10 amogus
Fernando and co
Fernando and co 3 måneder siden
ahh🤖eee😏do shwibble un de😔ooo goo🔫fligoo gigoo😈da fligoo gigoo🥶duh DEE🥵igigoo ee👹uga vavi🌛ooh ah ee👽fligoo gigo😼
adrianna snowden
adrianna snowden 3 måneder siden
hey, you're out of tiktok!
Bro Just STFU
Bro Just STFU 3 måneder siden
Who is you?
GuyThe Guy
GuyThe Guy 3 måneder siden
Shahbaz ahmed
Shahbaz ahmed 3 måneder siden
Good nice video very much for your help and support you
gOin dUmMY
gOin dUmMY 3 måneder siden
Make a second channel where you can go dummy
Lord jiff Dark fire
Lord jiff Dark fire 3 måneder siden
God, I need this man to break a mil subs.
David Schnittger
David Schnittger 3 måneder siden
imagine being above 2 mil subs in the chuckle sandwich podcast
RubyBubi 3 måneder siden
Hehe 2 weeks ago
Lyra Jenkins
Lyra Jenkins 3 måneder siden
So you finally got freed from tictock dances
XLandedIt 3 måneder siden
His voice is all I need to be entertained
OperatorEcho 3 måneder siden
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