I visited the strangest place in America...

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Ted Nivison

3 måneder siden

Ted visited the strangest place in America, the creepy religious thrift shop, he returns, and it is strange.
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in Los Angeles. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

McKek Yeety
McKek Yeety 3 måneder siden
Ever since i have been deemed a platinum ted my quality of life has improved drastically
cris p. bacon
cris p. bacon Måned siden
Eamon Coletta
Eamon Coletta Måned siden
Grump_ Nugget
Grump_ Nugget 2 måneder siden
d1na 2 måneder siden
sporkis 2 måneder siden
Epic Viber
Epic Viber 3 dager siden
imagine he is currently stalking your whole channel
Bell Bell
Bell Bell 4 dager siden
I feel bad for this guys kids honestly
umyes 6 dager siden
6:15 now thats a theory a south Dakota theory
DragonElf318 8 dager siden
This was the first video I watched from your channel. I was so stoned. It was interesting
Sophie 8 dager siden
he probably turns people into mannequins
sp1d3rgutz 9 dager siden
this dudes daughter sounds swag, good for her.
pisaroles 9 dager siden
Haha... yeah seems pretty wacky to live with a parent that looks down on your dreams and openly judges your choices by ranting to strangers. So ludicrous haha... :’)
Nico Neko
Nico Neko 11 dager siden
I didn't know that video was that old
CAZ 11 dager siden
I just went there today, and had a very unique experience. The man questioned me about what happens after death and Judgement day. He talked about COVID. He then gave me his phone number and told me to call him if I ever had any questions about the Bible.
Calvin Hendrickson
Calvin Hendrickson 11 dager siden
I must be a platinum Ted…. YES I TOLD YOU ID MAKE IT MOTHER
Lily Howard
Lily Howard 11 dager siden
Plot twist technoblade was Ted's math teacher and mistook Ted for a orphan and then once he realized he wasn't an orphan plead to the police "officer I drop kicked that child in self-defense"
Zane Rose
Zane Rose 12 dager siden
5:37 was it technoblade
[Raspb3rry S1mp]
[Raspb3rry S1mp] 13 dager siden
My Grandma lives in SD :) I’m deffo goin there
Unofficial Dream SMP Member
Unofficial Dream SMP Member 13 dager siden
I live in iowa and I visited the corn palace on our way to my brothers house and let me tell you it sucked as*
Raeann 13 dager siden
Are you sure he’s trying to be nice though he sounds like a serial killer I’m not gonna lie
Alex S
Alex S 14 dager siden
Man if the daughter of this guy is somehow watching this, the comment section supports your career and your cosplay lmao
XD 14 dager siden
wingnut 14 dager siden
"ooh he white" uh oh i dont think that tone has a good intent
Jamie Klutzaritz
Jamie Klutzaritz 17 dager siden
you’re giving him toooooo much benefit of the doubt lmao
Julia Kuhlman
Julia Kuhlman 17 dager siden
Ive actually visited the corn palace on a road trip and it was really weird knowing that Teds been there too
Antheeia 17 dager siden
Never thought ted was white wow crazy
Max D
Max D 18 dager siden
Oh your a tall white grown male?? Lemme adopt you
Max D
Max D 18 dager siden
5:39 okay can we get some backstory?? WTH??
Léanne St-laurent Goulet
Léanne St-laurent Goulet 18 dager siden
Cha ching oui oui is my new catchphrase idc
lady_ofdeath 18 dager siden
“enchanted”, “doll” or “museum” should never, ever be put into the same sentence, let alone a FUCKING NAME
Marie Keough
Marie Keough 18 dager siden
Me realizing I’ve been there... 😳
mackenzie spoor
mackenzie spoor 19 dager siden
I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT HASHTAG OF MERGE NORTH DAKOTA AND SOUTH DAKOTA. i come from north dakota and we do NOT want to deal with the creepy dolls and corn palace. keep it to yourself ugly south dakota
ThatOneDeadAuthor 19 dager siden
Ted really just went to hell and was like “oh yeah this’ll make a funny video”
ThatOneDeadAuthor 19 dager siden
I’m honestly not surprised hell is in a religious thrift shop in South Dakota
Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt 19 dager siden
As an advocate of North Dakota, I agree with the merging of South Dakota
Washburne 20 dager siden
I want to see a Garret watts and Ted nivison colab so bad
Eline C
Eline C 20 dager siden
me going to art college and like cosplaying: crying /j
SomethingInteresting 21 dag siden
lmao i was there once
- xcooki-
- xcooki- 21 dag siden
By the sounds of it, that "dad" seemed very abusive/ controlling his poor kids probably had an awful childhood..
im not creative enough for a good name
im not creative enough for a good name 21 dag siden
If you are a platinum Ted then you will understand his love for milk and all the nons won’t understand
ak1va 22 dager siden
Gringo means white man in Spanish which I thought was funny if that’s what he was calling Tom cruise lmao
Luka Smith
Luka Smith 23 dager siden
soph :]
soph :] 23 dager siden
the amount of times that i have heard Ted saying “an alien disguised as a human” is frightening
Maya Gracia
Maya Gracia 24 dager siden
Ok but why is no one talking about the daughter. She seems like the coolest person ever. With a sociopathic dad that is feeding white people to the manikins.
Jess is a mess
Jess is a mess 27 dager siden
i love the way you write and stage your videos lmaooo
Branch Vokes
Branch Vokes 28 dager siden
I tried to go here after I saw your first vid but sadly it was closed. Corn Palace was open tho
DeatsByBre 29 dager siden
I legit thought he said porn palace
Loris Marenchino
Loris Marenchino 29 dager siden
Abigail LaMay
Abigail LaMay 29 dager siden
The goddamn automatonophobia triggers for me in this video
Local Rat weeb thing
Local Rat weeb thing Måned siden
“I can’t imagine what it’s like having a parent that wishes your unsuccessful” My dad:👁👄👁💧
narc_potato Måned siden
it's funny seeing what he thought of it, being a teen girl I probably would've shit my pants at the "you can stay here for tonight" comment
narc_potato Måned siden
If am a platinum ted but watch the video on the podcast am I still cool? /j
Charlie Jo
Charlie Jo Måned siden
⟟ will say, ⟟ live In South Dakota, but I’m not religious.
Shawn Ellison
Shawn Ellison Måned siden
I’ve been to the Corn Palace three times, I believe, and every single fucking time I’ve been there I’ve take a photo with that creepy ass humanoid corn statue with the eyes out front.
Nifty Måned siden
Living in South Dakota, this feels like personal promotion to my state, corn and Jesus, just about sums up our state.
Azurly Måned siden
The visible fear in Ted’s eyes after the guy asked to adopt him
Jealous Penguin
Jealous Penguin Måned siden
I feel weird for being baptized now
MrDrSquid Måned siden
My child is a gun
Keegan Smith
Keegan Smith Måned siden
As a South Dakotan, Ted is correct about this. I’m not from Mitchell, though.
ArasNotFound Måned siden
I’m going through a really hard time in my life rn, (questioning who I should support or not because a lot of people are getting canceled, wondering if I should just give up on my friends because I’m just so unmotivated to talk with them, etc,,) I wanted to say thank you for making me happy :)
Kai __
Kai __ Måned siden
“Oh what the fuck” that’s an amazing line to start the video
Sheriff Snorlax
Sheriff Snorlax Måned siden
I had some weird dream about that museum
popcorn enthusiast
popcorn enthusiast Måned siden
*Justin McElroy wants to know your location*
Unknown Simp
Unknown Simp Måned siden
Mr. TapMan
Mr. TapMan Måned siden
This is a super fun video! Also this place is completely bizarre... and I’m a Christian!
Emma Torp
Emma Torp Måned siden
I love this video. You’re like Harry Potter turning something scary into something funny.
ME EAT YU WHOLE Måned siden
Le epio
super soaker
super soaker Måned siden
Ted has such a dope looking room
Cloud Måned siden
I love theater I’m going to pursue theater I like cosplay. Corn man will die.
Cloud Måned siden
I definitely did not hear corn palace 💀
Shelbonzo Måned siden
Yo, replace "south Dakota" with "Iowa" Iowa as a whole is a creepy religious thrift shop.
bruh hood classic
bruh hood classic Måned siden
There is nothing wrong with beans on toast w cheddar cheese, first they hate then they join
MR ScrambledEggs
MR ScrambledEggs Måned siden
I live about an hour away from mitchell so naturally i know where I am avoiding for the rest of my days
cool Kids
cool Kids Måned siden
Mmm corn I think that I remember that video
Miniscule Mo's Useless Universe
Miniscule Mo's Useless Universe Måned siden
being a platinum ted is the greatest accomplishment i have ever made
bananaboy500 Måned siden
Ah yes, I shall adopt you for your height, now you shall reach the top of my cabinet
Sebastian de Jesus :
Sebastian de Jesus : Måned siden
A "gringo"? Wait, from where is this guy again? Gringo refers to "people from United States" because when the troops of united states were on latin america, we told them "green go" (because they worn green) for them to go away and leave us alone. Is the guy from latin america or did this phrase move to other countries? As far as i know, nowhere else they refer to people from USA (or maybe he was just from another country, idk honestly) as gringos
Chair Måned siden
Yoooo I went there with my family and it was soooo bizarre, and the owner gave me a slushy 7/11 hat
Bray lol
Bray lol Måned siden
I have deemed a platinum Ted and now my Father loves me
TeeJay Måned siden
I love this character.
Simp Gremlin
Simp Gremlin Måned siden
It’s Ted Now I has question! We’re is the milk man!?
Ant ?
Ant ? Måned siden
Cha ching oui oui
cannon9009 Måned siden
I'm glad I'm an Atheist now because I'm scared I'm going to fucking end up doing some shit like this when I get into a religion
ssA 42
ssA 42 Måned siden
Cha Ching wee wee is such a golden line
beasty 3632
beasty 3632 Måned siden
Guys lets be honest, ted is gay
zegrwar Måned siden
I went to this place because of ted.
Caesar Måned siden
Ching Ching oui oui
DanBoi Måned siden
Pug Life
Pug Life Måned siden
I am a Christian and I am extremely weirded out by everything
Magiccreeper Måned siden
Hi Ted, This video is so funny because my mom and I watched this together. This is funny because we actually went to the same place when we were in South Dakota. No mom thought we should go in because she wanted us to know what it’s like around people with extreme religiousness. (Or something like that) One part I found interesting when we went there, (also in 2020) was that the guy told my mom to go ask her husband for permissions and questions, like she couldn’t, or didn’t know the answer. Anyways, really liked the video and it was very funny, thanks!
Wicked Chicken
Wicked Chicken Måned siden
I'm going to Mitchell this weekend. I must see this shop for myself
RGB milkman
RGB milkman Måned siden
dude that’s definitely a cult
S. Light
S. Light Måned siden
That “Oh you are right” fricken sounded like Ed from Ed Edd and Eddy
Cole 2 måneder siden
Im not one of the platinum teds but i have watched that video and many others
light bulb
light bulb 2 måneder siden
Ted: they love fucking jesus Me: great choice of words
Brad Infield
Brad Infield 2 måneder siden
As a south dakotan i will admit that the corn place is the saddest place in the planet, it's a glorified gym
DUPP 2 måneder siden
Holy shit I live in mitchell
Silent Snark
Silent Snark 2 måneder siden
Wait till he finds out about the church of satan gift shop.
Scoots 2 måneder siden
I find it harious that I was actually named after this place
Jerrica Bargo
Jerrica Bargo 2 måneder siden
Sugar you should see the “museum “ in ky , you can also go to the reptile tour
Lord Professor
Lord Professor 2 måneder siden
I've learned more about Ted due to Mr. Thrift than I have from any other video, and this speaks volumes about the nature of his strangeness.
E&A Productions
E&A Productions 2 måneder siden
listen boys! operation: PopCorn! we drive a truck with a hydrogen bomb in to the palace... and fucking blow the place up!
Gary Feinsterg
Gary Feinsterg 2 måneder siden
ENCHANTED. DOLL. League of Legends!
Monke Moment
Monke Moment 2 måneder siden
I mean it’s not all corn, we have more cows than people if that’s uh anything
Vescimo 2 måneder siden
Ted is hilarious. So glad I found his content.
Maddy 2 måneder siden
Fun fact: There is a corn kernel mural in the corn palace. And it is switched out every season to make a new design!!
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