Inventing Heely Tricks

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Ted Nivison

År siden

Join Ted Nivison Inventing the best Heely Tricks to bring Heely's back into the limelight!
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison År siden
YouTooz Giveaway here! ► Thanks again to all of you guys, without your support I wouldn't be able to be releasing something like this! You all are the best
Mark Tharp
Mark Tharp Måned siden
Pro heely league????
Łydiä 2 måneder siden
I'm offended as a skateboarder
bowl 3 måneder siden
Mason Williams
Mason Williams 7 måneder siden
Shouldnt the heel of the shoe be cut and rounded so there is space for when you lift your feet to balance on the wheels.
Amanda Garcia
Amanda Garcia 11 måneder siden
2ould you like some thinmints
Drunken Horseman
Drunken Horseman 4 dager siden
As someone who used to skate frequently before the pandemic hit, I gotta say I found this funny
FRIGGIN' CRYPTIDS 4 dager siden
Ted: Skateboards are dumb and evil. Heelyz are perfect creations. .....what about normal fuckin skates??
Genevieve Hughes
Genevieve Hughes 5 dager siden
I love that Ted actually reads and replies to his comment section, idk why but it just makes me happy
Weird_Boy 10 dager siden
Skate 3? More like....... Skate REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Your local Canadian
Your local Canadian 12 dager siden
I can use a heelys but only with one foot I’d that’s anything
Ariel 19 dager siden
8:08 - 11:10 The song here is Racing Hearts by Mattie Maguire
-Nep Nep-
-Nep Nep- 19 dager siden
just saw this videos, but the part about argentina makes it funniers, as im from argentina
lydie innit
lydie innit 20 dager siden
10:00 *dont mind my death*
JH14 Stuff
JH14 Stuff 20 dager siden
Love machines in action right here
Mocco X
Mocco X 22 dager siden
1:16 i’m sorry but all i can hear is goodtimeswithscar’s time lapse music
ratkinglu 26 dager siden
This video is just grown men saying random things and playing with a very old toy. I don't know what I expected.
Brando Calrissian
Brando Calrissian Måned siden
The skatepark that their at looks more like a skate ditch
Laredo Cienik
Laredo Cienik Måned siden
I was never allowed these amazing shoes with wheels because my father (worked in the sports medicine field) said they you hurt my heels. Okay FATHER! I just wanted to look cool and so some raid tricks without fully dying on a skateboard!
•Tes•Loves•Bunnies• Måned siden
Kaizōku Måned siden
My mom got me a pair of heelies when I was 10, I wore them once in the house, bashed my head on a counter and she never let me wear them again.
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Måned siden
I have returned on the heel(y)s of praise from general Sam and Swaggersouls
ACP Måned siden
Bro when he fell pretty hard on his back and Ted just fucking charged him 😭🤣 Jesus Christ
Furby with a knife
Furby with a knife Måned siden
I had heelys when I was a kid and I remember vividly getting a stone caught in one of the wheels which sent me flying down a hill. Thank god they went out of fashion.
JGP2907 Måned siden
What is Santa Monica that is clearly GTA VI with crazy graphics
Vicarious One
Vicarious One Måned siden
I'm not sure why I was expecting actual tricks here.
skullz bro
skullz bro Måned siden
I'm whereing heelys rn
iget1_fps Måned siden
not what i had in mind
Lost and Found
Lost and Found Måned siden
I have a friend who is the reason that heelys are banned at my school
urobocool Måned siden
To this video I say YES
waterz Måned siden
I had heelys when I was like 7 or 8 from experience I can say it's not the heelys foult it's the person using em
ramen boy1717
ramen boy1717 Måned siden
he he duty
I Love Trap & Futanari Hentai
I Love Trap & Futanari Hentai Måned siden
I wish I knew how to ride a skateboard.
nicolas p
nicolas p 2 måneder siden
Been looking for a sign to buy a pair, bought them.
Tunuples 2
Tunuples 2 2 måneder siden
Not only did Heelys hit the world in the early 2000's, it also hit children's chins.
Junior Junior
Junior Junior 2 måneder siden
But in 2021 the kids at my school where it
I'm Tired
I'm Tired 2 måneder siden
imagine going to a park and seeing 2 grown men playing with heelies
Sleepy Sheepy
Sleepy Sheepy 2 måneder siden
"Safety Concerns". Reminds me of when I was little I had some heelys and when I was at the store with my dad I fell. The wind got knocked out of me and my dad had to get me breathing again.
Adam Miller
Adam Miller 2 måneder siden
I looked up heels tricks and this video was the first recommendation
Raider Gamingo
Raider Gamingo 2 måneder siden
I own two pairs of Heelys now and I'm convinced they're cooler now than they were when they first came out. You can get special editions with Spongebob, Beavis and Butthead, MTV on 'em... all in adult male and female sizes. and it's still fun as hell to roll around places let's be real
yanfick 2 måneder siden
this video is sponsored by: his childhood skateboard trauma that made him hate skateboarders
Pink_n_ Squishy
Pink_n_ Squishy 2 måneder siden
Eleven minutes in and I realized something, rollerblades exists.
Dayton Bishop
Dayton Bishop 2 måneder siden
What is the song at the start of the video
Rhymes With
Rhymes With 2 måneder siden
I hit pause to go and do something and when I came back and pressed play I was greeted with *”My Duty”* and I don’t know why that was the funniest thing ever
Maddie Haydock
Maddie Haydock 2 måneder siden
This is my favorite video
Pidgeon445 eee
Pidgeon445 eee 2 måneder siden
cutover lemer6
cutover lemer6 2 måneder siden
Wear heelies to escape your feelies
Sam Strong
Sam Strong 2 måneder siden
1:17 you can't use that music.
TheYesFurret 2 måneder siden
Why cant he?
Stephynuts 2 måneder siden
Bro these smooth ass moves tho lol. Makes me want to get some heelys lol
Not_Your_Usual_Username 2 måneder siden
I spit out my tea when he said dude peculiar
Boopinoop 2 måneder siden
Man I can’t remember a time when we could go outside and not have to wear a mask, god I hate covid
opossum in a coat
opossum in a coat 3 måneder siden
I want heelys now
Antonio 3 måneder siden
Come to Argentina
Bryan Dugan
Bryan Dugan 3 måneder siden
Man had that hermit craft music with this shit, straight bop
alli joseph
alli joseph 3 måneder siden
the amount of time it took me to realize ted input skateboard sounds and it wasn’t just literally the heelys is both incredibly embarrassing and disappointing
Donna Crocker
Donna Crocker 3 måneder siden
I love you Healeys
Myles Donovan
Myles Donovan 3 måneder siden
I love how at the end of the video, Ted’s profile picture is perfect on his face 11:47
Grandpa Stephen
Grandpa Stephen 3 måneder siden
at 8:55 ted looks like he is walking in freshly pooped pants
Pickles •
Pickles • 3 måneder siden
I just got new heelys so I had to rewatch the vid to learn all these epic tricks
siivo 3 måneder siden
teds like that cool uncle
Misadventurer 3 måneder siden
No_Name_ 27
No_Name_ 27 3 måneder siden
This reminded me when in elementary school kids tried to go down the stairs in these things... ya those were banned real quick.
Joel McPeters
Joel McPeters 3 måneder siden
This convensted me to get heelys
H H 3 måneder siden
The last thing Santa Monica saw before the pandemic was Ted Nivison on heelys being pulled by an electric scooter and it was all downhill since
sethamphetamine xd
sethamphetamine xd 3 måneder siden
is that owen wilson?
Perryprime1999 3 måneder siden
If cooper did a blunt fakie in the beginning it wouldve been a hella sick clip
sara 4 måneder siden
p1ssh0rse :P
p1ssh0rse :P 4 måneder siden
milk man
LillyTheLoser 4 måneder siden
The amount of public humiliation they have rid deal with
billie chambers
billie chambers 4 måneder siden
i got kicked out of tesco for having heelys
Jellsys 4 måneder siden
The amount of times I flinched from hearing the scratching noises from the heelys is unbelievable
William Kuncio
William Kuncio 4 måneder siden
No joke I want to buy heelys
Tyler Patton
Tyler Patton 4 måneder siden
Where’s part 2
lobsternaut 4 måneder siden
wow this was before the world was shit
mia D
mia D 4 måneder siden
The song at the beginning good times w scar vibes lmaoo
Samantha Shuey
Samantha Shuey 4 måneder siden
I owned heelys but, they were also in the Skechers brand of heelys as a child, I wore them with the wheels once in my elementary schools once. That day was great, I was popping those babies on when I was going from one room to another but, taking them off before going in a classroom since, I knew that would be a dumb idea to wear them inside a classroom. While I was gliding down the hallway ( it was completely dead like no one was out there ), a teacher found me gliding down the end of the hallway to the intersection. On the right turn was the pre-k/kindergarten/1st grade hall and the left turn was the nurse's office/the near part of front of the school. I was making a right turn of course to go to my class since, I was in the second grade trying to go to the music room which was literally the first door on the right. I don't know why the music room was in the same hall as the pre-k, kindergarten and the 1st grade hall but, you know how old school layouts are. As I make the right turn a teacher ( not even supposed to be out nor suppose to be even near this hall since, she was a 4th grade teacher ) immediately grabbed my arm ( close to making a bruise level of a grab ( also I wasn't going fast due to trying to make a turn ) ). She started to yell at me for basically everything at that moment in time, ( by the way this teacher hated me without knowing me at all due whatever you said or done it was spread around ) she then demanded that I handed over the wheels to my shoes or she would send me to detention. I of course said " why ? " she yelled even more and demanded that I do so or she would do something worse. I handed them over so she would stop her midlife crisis yelling, she called my mom due to it since, she thought my mom was in the wrong for letting me wear those shoes. My mom came to the school and she wasn't mad at me since, they didn't make a rule for no heely related shoes or anything. My mom even stated that to the principal, the principal went quiet and of course still got on to my mom about it. My mom of course was getting really pissed with her, she basically took me home since, she didn't want that teacher to harass me, nor did she want me to get bullied about it since, most kids would beat the shit out of you if you weren't going against any form of authority. So we went home, she said I could wear the wheels at home but, they have to stay at home, I lost the wheels after awhile anyways. The next year they made any form of shoes with wheels on the bottom of them an automatic detention, or a suspension depending on if you retaliated or not. They also banned shoes with certain modifications, due to kids bringing things to school that were illegal. So they can check your shoes of they think you're carrying something in them, why I state that is before that ban, the next day after the heely situation. That same teacher found me outside the music room once again and asked me why I was there, I was invited to the music teachers room to talk about what happened the previous day, her midlife crisis yelling came back after I said that. She wanted to search my shoes since, I only had the heely/sketchers shoes due to being a poor child in a poor house at the time. The teacher was so convinced that I had wheels on my shoes or they were on me, I even showed I had no wheels on but, she got my mom and the principal involved anyways. Once again I emptied my pockets and showed my heels again to both my mom and the principal. The teacher also saw them again as well, my mom told me to step outside into the front office. After ten minutes later my mom comes out looking PISSED, the principal looked scared and worried, the teacher death glared me. Needless to say once again I was going home since, I was about to be checked out anyways to go to therapy but, also she was so pissed off about the situation. I'm sorry for this being long, this video reminded me of that bullshit that I was put through, if anyone reads then cool, if not that's ok.
TheYesFurret 2 måneder siden
This is longer then my english essay
Rush3r 3 måneder siden
Imma like this because I can't even imagine how much time u spent writing this essay of a comment.
Allie L
Allie L 4 måneder siden
My cousin broke his arm using Heelys LMAAAO
nicollette_mc 4 måneder siden
I- I don’t know how to feel I just can’t stop smiling at this stupid video
that one guy
that one guy 4 måneder siden
Someone please tell me the name of the intro song
seratonin 4 måneder siden
happy one year anniversary "inventing heely tricks" video
StalTheClown 4 måneder siden
idk if I'm just insane and tired but also but during the youtooz ad in the background you can here the faint noise of dank pods blowing up earbuds with Scarlett fire
Ryan Connelly
Ryan Connelly 4 måneder siden
Eyo my guy got the goodtimeswithscar time lapse music.
sonk ponkle
sonk ponkle 4 måneder siden
got my heelys last year, this is just what i needed
Purrito Kitty
Purrito Kitty 4 måneder siden
i know this video is a year old but you can literally see my friends house in the background of some of the shots
ZARIĆ Bogdan
ZARIĆ Bogdan 4 måneder siden
Cooper looks like he actually knows how to do it
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee 4 måneder siden
heelys on Gta Los santos beach
The 8-Bit Pineapple
The 8-Bit Pineapple 4 måneder siden
could someone please tell me the name of the song used during the trick segment?
VogelVlieg 4 måneder siden
I just wanted these with 2 wheels, one at your toes.
Alyssa Schoeffel
Alyssa Schoeffel 4 måneder siden
Thank god I can wear my heelys in public again
Cannon Gruwell
Cannon Gruwell 4 måneder siden
This vid looks like it was made in 2009
Christopher Rice
Christopher Rice 4 måneder siden
are you dani's milk supplier?
Datboiii 4 måneder siden
Let's appreciate howling by lupus nocte (background music)
Coomer 4 måneder siden
"im gonna call these my harlem globe trotties." ... awkward silence ... "good one"😂
[redacted] 4 måneder siden
I’m amazed they make heelys in teds size
amyisaway 4 måneder siden
something about ted on an electric scooter but letting the heelys drag his feet along really got to me and i don't know why
Sheriff_LaCombe 4 måneder siden
How is this almost a year old
Renee Rodriguez
Renee Rodriguez 4 måneder siden
Mans is fr at my skate park.....
_lll3vi4ch4n_ 4 måneder siden
Ted really said "We're kind of an advanced group here." while Cooper was in the background struggling to stand lol
bart simpson
bart simpson 4 måneder siden
Fu** yeah
Joka Kjellberg
Joka Kjellberg 4 måneder siden
dont swear
One Man Clan
One Man Clan 4 måneder siden
5:30 hahaha! I love the added points bonus.
Max Webb
Max Webb 4 måneder siden
heelys probably lost a lot of popularity due to being banned at a bunch of schools
ONKOR2009 4 måneder siden
Why is cooper actually good at skateboarding
Emma Seshadri
Emma Seshadri 4 måneder siden
This video is the definition of the word swag
SassyPwny 5 måneder siden
I literally just found this vid and I’m crying
SassyPwny 4 måneder siden
@Joka Kjellberg I will
Joka Kjellberg
Joka Kjellberg 4 måneder siden
cry harder
Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim 5 måneder siden
majority of this video was coopers fat fucking dump truck
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