Ruining Pumpkin Pie

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Ted Nivison

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Extra spooky halloween October episode where I am ruining pumpkin pie, wahoo cooking with ted is a thing now isn't it, happy fall people
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About Ted Nivison:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Ronan Healey
Ronan Healey 2 timer siden
I am watching this video and I actually got a whiff of the inside of a pumpkin. It's June. *There are no pumpkins in my house.*
Elijah 2 timer siden
squash that like button
Something creative
Something creative 4 dager siden
Jokes on u Ted!! My grandma is dead! Loser💃💃
Claire Dawson
Claire Dawson 5 dager siden
Weird_Boy 9 dager siden
Has Ted ever seen the Yugioh monster Pumpking The King of Ghosts?
Raihan 13 dager siden
King of the Gourds
HumanNerd 15 dager siden
Emmerson Hall
Emmerson Hall 16 dager siden
the idubbz influence is soooo strong but ted is so much less... annoying
Shadows Rising
Shadows Rising 17 dager siden
3:39 my grandma doesn’t give her molasses to just anyone… I don’t like how chummy you are getting with my grandmother, Ted.
SSS 19 dager siden
Too much pie. I wonder where that excess mix went to. We may never know.
No 24 dager siden
I literally dont know why it breaks tho The food processor
FlippenFox 26 dager siden
we all going to ignore that Ted has them school brick walls?
Gorillazrcool Måned siden
I showed you to my nan and she called you handsome- pls I think she has a crush on you should I be worried
Kai __
Kai __ Måned siden
That part when he was putting in the pumpkin into the blender it sounded like we were about to get Rick rolled I swear/
Gosha Grandchild
Gosha Grandchild Måned siden
6:58 My girlfriend:
Jort van den bogaert
Jort van den bogaert Måned siden
I love how he cuts the pumpkin like a halloween pumpkin at first XD like thats the normal way to cut a pumpkin
Eric Cho
Eric Cho Måned siden
not shown in the video: ted putting his podcast guests into his pumpkin pies and him breaking my kneecaps
Tears Of Tape
Tears Of Tape Måned siden
Ted opening a tiny paper: How the hell do we put this thing together? The paper: *opens into a giant sheet Ted: *oH fAwk*
Tears Of Tape
Tears Of Tape Måned siden
your not supposed to eat the orange pumpkins LMAO
ollie :]
ollie :] Måned siden
0:03 is a flattering face Ted.
Space Man
Space Man Måned siden
That ending didn’t age well lmao, great vid
THE SHED Måned siden
The lack of a chopping board scares me
Smeeizme 2
Smeeizme 2 2 måneder siden
I love how TRD thinks he’s gonna fuck up and then makes a fucking masterpiece
light bulb
light bulb 2 måneder siden
Everyone watch it ted it out for your grandma's.
Vincenzo 2 måneder siden
6:56 when you look down
N0VAH 2 måneder siden
ruining a pumpkin pie is making a pie that isn't pumpkin
Nico Marschat
Nico Marschat 2 måneder siden
Yeah those things have a fill line that is real hard to spot
pee i peed
pee i peed 2 måneder siden
ssq aew3dcrxfvgtbhyjunkiml,;.'
Valentin 2 måneder siden
please stop making me hungry.........
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie 2 måneder siden
I hate you
Gmbill 2 måneder siden
“Who. Who put spaghetti in this pumpkin?”
Kendric 2 måneder siden
But I love pumpkin pie
Moon_ Truth9000
Moon_ Truth9000 2 måneder siden
I come back to this vid and realize that I have the exact same Old Navy jacket
A memelord named Field
A memelord named Field 2 måneder siden
you had the perfect opportunity to say you're the gourd lord. and you blew it on "king of the squash"
Very Good
Very Good 2 måneder siden
Instructions: Just buy a pumpkin pie from like Wegmans or something lol.
Laela Jones
Laela Jones 2 måneder siden
It’s 3:00 am I’ve been watching these videos for hours and I’m pretty sure this is a fever dream
shiniest aipom
shiniest aipom 2 måneder siden
I come back every episode just to hear the word Wegmans come from another person's mouth
Karl Bonez
Karl Bonez 2 måneder siden
in this video u kinda sound like my grandma
Mackenzie Little
Mackenzie Little 2 måneder siden
my grandmother caught me watching this. pray for me.
Felix 3 måneder siden
opossum in a coat
opossum in a coat 3 måneder siden
I showed my grandma this video and she said you are very handsome
Parmesan Glitter
Parmesan Glitter 3 måneder siden
I always eat pumpkin pie at thanks giving and I always forget I hate ti
Parmesan Glitter
Parmesan Glitter 3 måneder siden
Dani _
Dani _ 3 måneder siden
Every time a NOwindowr interacts with a knife I panic. I know they probably won’t put a video of them cutting off their fingers but wow they all suck at knives
Keegan Johner
Keegan Johner 3 måneder siden
Down voting because this dude is basically an idubbbz wannabe. F u Ted get your own personality
Space Cadet
Space Cadet 3 måneder siden
I hate to I’m form you that you cannot get on good terms with with my grandma Unless you use a Ouija bored... probably idk
Martin Paris
Martin Paris 3 måneder siden
pumpkin pie is almost a cake.
ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʙᴇᴇ
ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʙᴇᴇ 3 måneder siden
you should make your own whipped cream by hand
Emmy Beth
Emmy Beth 3 måneder siden
I am eating fish whilst watching this and tasting pumpkin please help I must drink more *milk*
Turquoise Elk
Turquoise Elk 3 måneder siden
No one is commenting on the white dot in the middle of the screen?!
Sir Violet
Sir Violet 3 måneder siden
the pie tester was clearly stoned, that doesn't count. i want a redo.
Gibbs 3 måneder siden
10:56 did he put the pie filling in a fucking glass to drink???
Oliver 3 måneder siden
i showed you to my grandmother and she said that you seem intimidating and doesn’t like you i’m disappointed in her
Tyler Nurton
Tyler Nurton 3 måneder siden
instructions unclear pumpkin baked me instead
Damn, I think ily
Damn, I think ily 3 måneder siden
0:13 I thought you said " I want to murder a whore." and i spit out my milk
Mila Raines
Mila Raines 3 måneder siden
Y e s
Surge _
Surge _ 3 måneder siden
I showed this to my mom. She had to stop watching when she saw how you opened the condensed milk.The word "horrified" does not begin to cover it
Dr.Disco 3 måneder siden
Me being an avid pumpkin pie enjoyer, I am curious how you ruin a pumpkin pie.
Roman The Protogen
Roman The Protogen 3 måneder siden
Spammy Spammington
Spammy Spammington 3 måneder siden
HA! Joke's on you, Ted. You can't be on good terms with my grandma cause they're both dead :')
PoopyFace 3 måneder siden
there is a small speck of dirt on the lens of his camera situated right about where teds head sits and it annoys me.
Oliver Hawksworth
Oliver Hawksworth 4 måneder siden
“Who put spaghetti in this pumpkin?!”
Hozho Homer
Hozho Homer 4 måneder siden
I feel good that this video came over a year ago and I been making homemade pumpkin pie for two years now😂😂
timothy Kock
timothy Kock 4 måneder siden
I have never heard such a sincere oh fuck in my life
Slowd 4 måneder siden
Why does ted just look good i wwish i looked like him
Maggie 4 måneder siden
Ted, I was gonna send this to my grandma and then you started caressing the pumpkins.
RandomRat 4 måneder siden
The sniper always forcing you to do stuff
4 måneder siden
Watching him using a knife on that glass table gives me anxiety.
Sienna Eddy
Sienna Eddy 4 måneder siden
Jokes on you my grandparents are dead ✌🏻😎
Alivia Brown
Alivia Brown 4 måneder siden
7:10 reading birth control side effects
Julianne Tate
Julianne Tate 4 måneder siden
You can purée in a blender.... 😳
Joseph Kenworthey
Joseph Kenworthey 4 måneder siden
Here starts the saga of Ted having to buy a food processor for every video
quiet shhh
quiet shhh 4 måneder siden
i guess you could say he SQUASHed the competition
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown 4 måneder siden
the horses
Kikimanic 4 måneder siden
i enjoy it when you cook
Excreting_Cheddar 4 måneder siden
Can you do a video for Easter and just raid a den of rabbits
Craftyjedi 16
Craftyjedi 16 4 måneder siden
Man, it annoys the fucking piss out of me that he’s cutting without a fucking cutting board
Dominique Murillo
Dominique Murillo 4 måneder siden
looked back at this vid, my grandma's are dead :D
Amburgers 4 måneder siden
Can you see the comment notification while streaming
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 4 måneder siden
history lessons with ted the culinary god
Pancake Sloth
Pancake Sloth 4 måneder siden
When you realize that you and ted have the same food processor
Off The Road_YT
Off The Road_YT 5 måneder siden
When He realized he didn’t have a can opener was like my dad when he forgets something on a road trip
WeebTendo 5 måneder siden
Are you happy?
Adam H
Adam H 5 måneder siden
Ooooooh! Ted, that’s evil! That’s evil, Ted! Don’t murder a gourd! :(
Tricks&Follies 5 måneder siden
Ted, you really need to buy a cutting board and a can opener. Seriously, you will break your glass table one day.
渡辺みこの 5 måneder siden
play the agordeian for the pumpkins
Diego Estrada Hernández
Diego Estrada Hernández 5 måneder siden
Devers 5 måneder siden
Ted this was the first video watched in 2021 so now it only gets worse from here
Cammy 5 måneder siden
You actually didnt need a food processor XD you just needed 2 forks. its just quicker and easier
Nick Clough
Nick Clough 5 måneder siden
I like how the right wall is like a school cafeteria wall
Simon 5 måneder siden
Ted has like, Idubbbz vibes, but without the racism
Nadr 5 måneder siden
He can go out and buy a food processor, but not a can opener.
Lincoln Ambrosius
Lincoln Ambrosius 5 måneder siden
Novus 5 måneder siden
What, no cram?
Hunter Hensley
Hunter Hensley 5 måneder siden
I’m sorry ted but I think that’s the wrong kind of Punkin
Cinnamon Noakes
Cinnamon Noakes 5 måneder siden
You're making a pumpkin sound like an irl dark souls boss
Ethan Gilbert
Ethan Gilbert 5 måneder siden
When you opened the instructions I lost it
uberweiss 5 måneder siden
why didn't you make a pewdie pie
remy like from ratatouille
remy like from ratatouille 5 måneder siden
Me hanging out with the boys The boys: 6:57
Khy 6 måneder siden
I'm upset that he missed the chance to call himself the Gourd Lord at the end.
PEPE MUSIC 6 måneder siden
ted my grandmother loves you she actually uses your recipe
I made a meatloaf
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