Terrible Kung Fu Panda Knockoffs

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Ted Nivison

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Terrible Kung Fu Panda Knockoffs? Ted tries to answer this question!
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Root 17 timer siden
Fun fact The swedish word for hippopotamus translated back to english is riverhorse.
Nooby 22 timer siden
3:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣
havin camus
havin camus Dag siden
I'm the one who fooled you sucker part is so funny to me
John Roland
John Roland Dag siden
Evil universe i know a universe that is fucked up and very weird
EL 3 dager siden
Why do knock off movies look so scary? Like little kids can make better animation
Lily 5 dager siden
bad movies more like bad video (throws up)
[redacted] 5 dager siden
I wish all movies got a behind the scenes documentary. With these it’d be like, “yeah I payed my buddy Cody 200 dollars and a few tabs of ecstasy to write the script. And we got this. I needed a quick buck, so I said fuck it and animated a movie around it.”
Ethan Garcia
Ethan Garcia 6 dager siden
The Prodigy is absolute dog water 😂
feef 7 dager siden
I've watched this same video like 6 times and I haven't realized untill now that there are only like 2 different voice actors for this entire movie
Totokea 8 dager siden
The panda looks like he was animated in source film maker but none of the other characters do. Why?
Stinky’s Diner
Stinky’s Diner 9 dager siden
At least it’s better than the little panda fighter
Diego Vargas
Diego Vargas 13 dager siden
I've never physically cringed so hard before...i want to die
Cats Make Me
Cats Make Me 14 dager siden
If ted had a collab with Danny Gonzales I would die happy
wingnut 15 dager siden
dang 6 is alot its over 5
hfhdhfhd dhdhdh
hfhdhfhd dhdhdh 16 dager siden
who wants to tell ted about maryland
Tim Hocking
Tim Hocking 16 dager siden
The second “film” Sounds like a man describing a fever dream.
Kuirky 16 dager siden
There's also something in The Prodigy that bugs me for almost no reason. When the Panda Master created that magic orb, I'm confused if it's lightning or water, because it had electricity sounds but also bubble pops and when it hit the troll, it made a bubble pop sound. Like make up your mind, is it an orb of lightning or a fucking bubble?
Fonchie 17 dager siden
The thumbnail scares me. 🥲
Isabella Maitland
Isabella Maitland 17 dager siden
The prodigy is like a asian barbie movie
Scarce_ity 18 dager siden
"merry land, merry land isnt real" me a marylander:
Elite 955
Elite 955 19 dager siden
20:47 “yeah sure I know what a pig looks like”
Elite 955
Elite 955 19 dager siden
The best part of the second movie is how the animation quality gets noticeably worse over time.
WolfiedaAquarius 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
WolfiedaAquarius 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ 20 dager siden
Someone explain why the second movie’s animation reminds me of Syd the kid
Sage Haupt
Sage Haupt 21 dag siden
oh if only he saw “The little panda fighter”...
Potatoman 21 dag siden
I am disgusted of what they have done to my perfect, beautiful face
Ava Soloff
Ava Soloff 22 dager siden
ayo why the troll sound like tommy chong
pro minecrafter
pro minecrafter 24 dager siden
Progity really just looks like a PS1 game kinda look or bunch of scenes made by a kid on source film maker or something that could be created for dark web weirdos or something among those lines
Jovana,  Right here
Jovana, Right here 24 dager siden
Me: mom can we have 1D? Mom: no we have 1D at home 1D at home: 6:18
Natural Curves Fitness
Natural Curves Fitness 25 dager siden
This is so creepy to be honest the first animation prodigy doesn’t look right. And is so damn creepy as hell.
Furby with a knife
Furby with a knife 25 dager siden
the way Ted described the second movie sounds like the sort of lucid dream I'd have after a crazy high.
Alex Minto
Alex Minto 25 dager siden
The troll is the best character and deserves his own spin off
praise bingus
praise bingus 25 dager siden
2:23 Y E A A A A A
Emerald Adventurer
Emerald Adventurer 26 dager siden
It's weird that literally NOBODY seems to know that it's Merryland instead of Maryland...
Toasty Animation Stuff
Toasty Animation Stuff 27 dager siden
3:17 him referring to it like it's not even supposed to be a character makes it all the more better
Kuventhree Naidoo
Kuventhree Naidoo 27 dager siden
I think I have seen the second movie
Extra Unstable
Extra Unstable 28 dager siden
Killer Bean is better than this, Which makes sense because Killer Bean is the best movie.
Haylie Kramer
Haylie Kramer 29 dager siden
19:56 pause what
Greenbeansalad47 Måned siden
It looks like a ps1 game
Hufy8 Måned siden
I watched the prodigy as a kid and i liked it for some reason
Rpg the destroyer of worlds
Rpg the destroyer of worlds Måned siden
Bro the animation looks like a mobile game ad
PTA VIDS Måned siden
I mean, so people pronounce Marland as Marryland. Don’t ask me why
ChickenNoodleGaming Måned siden
13:40 On the walls is the Mortal Kombat dragon logo. Some guy probably looked at it and was like, "Look at this sick dragon!"
Ayden Howard
Ayden Howard Måned siden
Who has a spoon, 3 bottles of bleach, a knife, some duct tape, and a Glock.
Jack Buzzell
Jack Buzzell Måned siden
Maryland is an USA country of the east its a shit place
Rachael Kelly
Rachael Kelly Måned siden
Theodore I need more bad movie reviews I have already watched them all several times and they make me very happy
Timothy A Schuler
Timothy A Schuler Måned siden
Just imagine he's filming this video and there's this Unknown stranger staring at him outside his window and Ted never knew about it.
Timothy A Schuler
Timothy A Schuler Måned siden
the 2nd rip-off is also a little bit of a knock off of Brother Bear. Watch Brother bear and see why. Compare it to what Patrick turn into, to who what the main character turned into in Brother Bear.
Doughboy_0105 Måned siden
These movies are so shit his video was never copyrighted
Milagros Fariña
Milagros Fariña Måned siden
I'm in love. Fuck
Mateo M
Mateo M Måned siden
The smiles of the characters remind me of like 2010 Minecraft animations
Madelyn Coit
Madelyn Coit Måned siden
the dance at the end of The Prodigy looks like a tiktok dance made up by a 13-year-old for clout
LEkahoot 69
LEkahoot 69 Måned siden
Can we all just salute to Ted for watching all these movies
Princess Hitler
Princess Hitler Måned siden
"Nine headed snake" So the Hydra but it was made by a Chinese bootlegger?
Matija Måned siden
First movie is sooo good, you are not okay.
shadowkitsune1376 Måned siden
Is it bad that the ogre talks like me? 😂😂
ToastyTea Måned siden
A despicable rat with a despicable plan. Tednivision-2020
mat corona
mat corona Måned siden
The avengers warrior looks good to me
Ackman 128
Ackman 128 Måned siden
*Patrick kicks peggey in the ass then she fart out of her eyes and passes out* *-circa 2020, colorized*
ThatOneGuy 69
ThatOneGuy 69 Måned siden
24:09 Even though the movie is horrendous that was kinda funny
Thelonnius Måned siden
That troll invented the Sheesh trend
jeff bones
jeff bones Måned siden
jeff bones
jeff bones Måned siden
jeff bones
jeff bones Måned siden
13:16 i dont want her mustard bath goop crap either
Spooky Kia
Spooky Kia Måned siden
I visibly remember watching Prodigy as a child. I loved it so much I could not wait to get home from school and just put on prodigy. I like remembered everything of that movie and I didn't even know it was a Kung Fu Panda rip off until this video. Now thinking back I don't know why I liked it so much.. I've watched so much weird crap as a child. And Prodigy isn't the worst one. Just find it funny that I still enjoyed this.
ThiccBoiKoopa Måned siden
The prodigy F tier The adventures of panda warrior FFF Tier
Neon Mushroom
Neon Mushroom Måned siden
These cheap knock offs are cringy to watch. The first was pure pain and cringe. And Tom Kenny is way too good to be in such a bad movie.
dededesgusting tkemylife
dededesgusting tkemylife Måned siden
dayam patrick just got pokemon mystery dungeon'd
Anni Alfthan
Anni Alfthan Måned siden
Okay but the river horse....in Estonian a hippo literally translates to a river horse
Sean Delaney
Sean Delaney Måned siden
Rob was on snl on the 90’s Ted
TeeJay Måned siden
The animation in the 2nd movie reminds me of Sid the Science kid. Like it isn't bad but it's bad and just WAY too smooth.
My Godfather
My Godfather Måned siden
Rafi Arrington
Rafi Arrington Måned siden
I remember watching panda warrior when I was 7 and thinking OH MY GOSH THAT WAS AMAZING but now I see I was wrong I am 17
funtime foxy 213
funtime foxy 213 Måned siden
Why does the style of this remind me of sid the science kid?
THE CAM Måned siden
Youre right Maryland sucks as a name. Like whats next, a place called Delaware lol or or imagine Virginia 😂
Ghost Måned siden
My dad and mom watched a Kung Fu Panda rip off called Kung Fu Rabbit or whatever and my mom, like any sane person, didn't quite like it but my dad no no He fucking loved it for absolutely no reason.
P a n d a
P a n d a Måned siden
i would buy
Ned Butters
Ned Butters Måned siden
I feel like I’m tripping when I watch Robert Dhanner films
Bellywise Måned siden
Bruh I watched the prodigy when I was really young I was looking for that movie just to remember it
dom R
dom R Måned siden
Why does gwyneth Paltrow look like she's wearing a diaper
No1 Måned siden
15:00 Nothing else to be said.
Overcomecross98 Måned siden
When u forget Maryland is a state
Notsorealnugget Måned siden
i read kong fu panda and and then i read kong knofs casue brain go eeee
KX Tiger
KX Tiger Måned siden
Can't go from a Tom and Jerry character to vegeta lol
the mini owl
the mini owl Måned siden
I live in Maryland how dare you -This is not a joke I actually do
L Haviland
L Haviland Måned siden
"Maryland is at war with it's evil master" I mean, they aren't wrong...
Frenchescka Bubbles
Frenchescka Bubbles Måned siden
This is a good video to watch while holding my kung fu panda lunch box
Markus B
Markus B Måned siden
These movies make me want to die
Wyntryx Måned siden
i thought that the prodigy was a fever dream i had when i was 6
Professor Pathetic
Professor Pathetic Måned siden
Is- Is nobody gonna talk about the Mortal Kombat dragons on the wall? 13:43
Luna 2 måneder siden
The tree beating up the goat actually made me fucking scream I had to pause the video and take a minute
Turb Maister
Turb Maister 2 måneder siden
In Danish a hippo is called River horse basically
Seafoam Shores
Seafoam Shores 2 måneder siden
Give me the other 5 movies or hate crimes commence
Turb Maister
Turb Maister 2 måneder siden
Seafoam Shores
Seafoam Shores 2 måneder siden
14:15 good job almost fucking killing me, I started laughing my ass off choked on you spit kept trying to breath needed to burp but I couldn’t burp cuz spit in wind pipe air in food pipe
Proxie 2 måneder siden
my uncle gave my mom this movie for my little sister and she liked it TwT
Harrison Breed
Harrison Breed 2 måneder siden
I'm pretty sure he did a Sinbad movie too
Turb Maister
Turb Maister 2 måneder siden
Ted needs to know
Doctorchillpill67 2 måneder siden
There’s seven which you probably don’t know... is more than six *suprised pikachu face*
Ashley Kwan
Ashley Kwan 2 måneder siden
The onion dog things are the WORST rendition of a character in a different cantonese show, the character is originally an adorable little alien thing that was a ball that a boy's father gave to him as a gift, it turned into the alien and so on and so forth (i forgot the ending) but good movie, totally recommend though i doubt its on Netflix or Hulu
thatdeerboi 2 måneder siden
I feel like im watching watch mojo.
Helena Cohen
Helena Cohen 2 måneder siden
Have I watched the second half of this video well over ten times? Yes. Yes I have. Watching Ted descend into tired madness is the only thing keeping me going right now
Ankle Biter
Ankle Biter 2 måneder siden
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