The Accidental 400mg Edible

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Ted Nivison

10 måneder siden

Ted accidentally ate a 400mg Edible. Listen to his tell-all here, its funny.
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison 10 måneder siden
I've said this on Twitter and such, but thank you guys so much for 500k subscribers! I'm gonna be in the process of moving to Los Angeles over the next month (or at least I plan to) But I've got some awesome announcements in store, and great video ideas on the way. The road to 1 million is what lies ahead of us!
Dz Zenok
Dz Zenok 16 dager siden
what is the song called in the intro
Destiny Basulto
Destiny Basulto 22 dager siden
@Flinck Brugman has
Mia Genevieve Lefebvre
Mia Genevieve Lefebvre Måned siden
dude i was high as shit with a 5mg i think i would just die on the spot
Adam Natividad
Adam Natividad Måned siden
You just don’t have A very low tolerance,
Norbi K
Norbi K Måned siden
@Ted Nvision Great tip for next time bro, have some cbd oil or Beta-Carophyllene terpene or at the very least black pepper to reverse the intoxication
ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴀssɴᴏᴛғᴏᴜɴᴅ Time siden
that’s- that’s gonna turn me into another fuckin organism -Ted
Dean Kelly
Dean Kelly Time siden
Damn I must be getting fake shit because taking like 300 milligrams of edibles is not much and this guy can get high of 20 milligrams
Bill Bogon
Bill Bogon 11 timer siden
i NEVER felt pain on weed
Bill Bogon
Bill Bogon 11 timer siden
shit i eat that much for breakfast every morning
Martin Gorman
Martin Gorman 13 timer siden
Is it bad that I ate 12 of these
Tristyn Orien
Tristyn Orien 14 timer siden
If you ever see an edible branded with an actual candy brand like nerds, it’s not real. Do not eat it. Might not even contain THC. The black market is full of shit, and the nerds ropes are blatant fakes. You don’t know what’s in them or how much. Not safe.
Paxton Mockaitis
Paxton Mockaitis 15 timer siden
Is it just me of does swagersouls should exactly like Alan alda
Tyler .Bobbett
Tyler .Bobbett 23 timer siden
I thought I was the only one who experiences pain. It’s like my mind makes up soreness or sitting in uncomfortable positions
platypus035 Dag siden
Final boss entering second phase: You haven't seen nothing yet! Me, who used all my healing items on the first phase: 4:08
Adam Berndt
Adam Berndt Dag siden
4 adds in a 17min video? Come on NOwindow you really need that extra cash?
arden wynne
arden wynne 2 dager siden
ted explaining the high is what sensory overload panic attacks feel like
CenterStage 2 dager siden
This reminds me of the first time my ex had me do WAY too much wax for my first time. I ended up sick as a dog, in an ice bath because I was way too hot, dry heaving because I had 0 tolerance as a new smoker and just trusted my ex to give me a reasonable amount. I refuse to smoke wax again because of that, and same with bongs honestly. I can use a thc cart or smoke straight bud, but dabs are way outside of my range these days.
ッarcher 2 dager siden
so im rewatching this because im incredibly bored, but about two weeks ago i was on a break from college and my friends and i celebrated with these fucking giga joints, and typically i have the best tolerance of the group as one of the aforementioned stoner kids, but id had a tolerance break in preparation for exams cus i didn't expect to smoke that much before. we were outside in the super hot sun playing uno after we'd smoked it and i felt it kick in so badly so quick, my vision started to get so bright that the world looked oversaturated to the point where i couldn't see the numbers on the cards. at one point everything went static-y and i couldn't see anything at all, and i think i had an asthma attack to top it off, so i went to lay face down in the shade at this friends house i was visiting for the first time. did it stop me from smoking? no, cus bad experiences dont rule us. also it was pretty funny.
daisymae 2 dager siden
fun fact if you google ted nivison and go under songs this video is the first thing that comes up 😃👍
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 2 dager siden
will trubic
will trubic 2 dager siden
happened to me all i did was pop some melatonin and lay in a dark room on my bed, i think i fell asleep
Elizabeth Del castillo
Elizabeth Del castillo 2 dager siden
5:29 I don’t know anything about Nerds Rope because we probably don’t have it here in my country... but I see it man... I see the right part of the packaging...
Uncle Trey
Uncle Trey 2 dager siden
Could not be that bad, you could still talk and move
Thuong Chung
Thuong Chung 3 dager siden
The spiffy multi-hop collaterally preserve because weapon extremely sprout athwart a damaging drama. breakable, available work
Chunky Boi
Chunky Boi 3 dager siden
Is it bad that I will only remember ted as "the guy who ate a 400mg edible"
Chaotic Matt
Chaotic Matt 4 dager siden
Ted do you still want a Slush Puppy and a Gameboy SP?
BHR TV 4 dager siden
I just ate 250mg and was in the ER😂
Caelan Murie
Caelan Murie 4 dager siden
I’m 190lbs and 30 mg gets me stoned out of my mind. I couldn’t even imagine doing this lmmmfao
Macadie Denton
Macadie Denton 4 dager siden
He reminds me of finch from American pie
crokk 4 dager siden
SaltyWeirdo 4 dager siden
ted i think you need another stick of butter
Mike leiser
Mike leiser 5 dager siden
the highest ive done was my first and it was 500mg bro mix that with nicotine and ur fucked
spell Lana backwards
spell Lana backwards 5 dager siden
bottledbeetles 5 dager siden
Ted went to a camp in Maine AYEEEEEE
Charlie Lamphere
Charlie Lamphere 5 dager siden
Because of this I now am checking nerd ropes everytime I buy one.
Totokea 6 dager siden
Rookie doses.
Elijah 6 dager siden
I live in Washington State and here they made it so you cant even get that high thc edibles most of the ones here are small candies 10mg each and there is like 10 packs to get that high you would have to eat 20 candies and if you were a person that does that often you would be fat but you can all ways make your own edibles as strong as you want or eat thca oil.
Sarah W
Sarah W 6 dager siden
I'm legit going through a bad high rn, this is surprising helpful for the anxiety LOL
Sarah W
Sarah W 6 dager siden
Leah Willson
Leah Willson 6 dager siden
I did this exact same thing with a platter of cupcakes 🥲
E. Cornett
E. Cornett 6 dager siden
I once smoked when I was 12 and it was so much my hair hitting my forehead hurt so fucking bad
MadiesMelody 7 dager siden
You look exactly like you Robert Downey Jr in the thumbnail
James Perry
James Perry 7 dager siden
My friends tried to do this to me my first time. They had me smoke a bunch and keep up with them. Panic attacks, cotton mouth, pins and needles, seeing things, time distortion, etc...getting too high sucks
Atticus Kennon
Atticus Kennon 8 dager siden
I'll see you in hell Ted
Aliyah Thomas
Aliyah Thomas 8 dager siden
My mom has the same computer background of the tent
Prozac Pancake
Prozac Pancake 8 dager siden
Those are fake, first of all. They have nowhere near 400mg. Probably closer to 100
Luka Lilane
Luka Lilane 9 dager siden
5:01 my mans. It says “400 THC” on the side. 🤣✋🏻
KCQ Quatela
KCQ Quatela 9 dager siden
"god bless my soul" **penelton whiskey ad plays**
TheFadedSpade 9 dager siden
This guy said I'm not even in the city LMAO
lilac jones
lilac jones 9 dager siden
Incase you need to make yourself puke again, try shoving your fingers to the back of your mouth, it'll cause you to gag ALOT and if you keep it up for maybe a good 12 seconds you'll begin to puke.
Dominic Paul
Dominic Paul 10 dager siden
Wait till his tolerance goes up and he'll be like darn 🤦
Reckless Gods
Reckless Gods 10 dager siden
I too had this and fucked up
Gracie Cable
Gracie Cable 10 dager siden
anyone else hear john green?
ograb 10 dager siden
Bruh thumbnail = faze adapt
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 10 dager siden
I’ve seen this 4 times now and it’s still fucking hilarious
Maiz_ likes_pans
Maiz_ likes_pans 10 dager siden
Gotta love Ted outing misfits in their weed usage
Mr. Throes
Mr. Throes 11 dager siden
I’ve experienced the weed cold when I tried to hotbox my minivan by myself completely forgetting my dad had company over and I got the munchies and I was just eating taco meat shaking freezing
Toobster Toby
Toobster Toby 11 dager siden
i’ve watched this about 5 times this week
Rylee Jay
Rylee Jay 12 dager siden
I ate 100mg edible my first time trying weed... So my mom is disabled to the point that I cant live with her. She uses lots of drugs and one time while I was visiting her she had edible gummies. While she wasn't looking I stole one. Now this was my first time trying weed and I looked at the package and it said 100mg now I knew nothing about weed other then it gets you high. So the next day. My dumbass decided to take it at school cuz my school doesn't give a shit about what you do. Kids vape in the halls all the time and none of the teachers care. So I wasn't worried about it. So I knew that edibles take a while to kick in and that i should only take alittle bit. Then like 2hrs later i took the rest. And i hadn't eaten anything that day. And about 30 mins later while in gym class I felt it... now I was able to walk talk and do everything normally but I was so fucking high. I cant even describe how high I was. And then I went to history and just started at the wall. And my freind had asked how high I was and was talking about how I took 100mg my first time to another friend ofours. .and my teacher heard. So I was panicking so hard that I almost shit myself. And my teacher came over whispered in my ear. And said it's ok go to the vending machine and get a snack and that it will help me feel better. and said I wont say anything.
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon 12 dager siden
First time I ever tried edibles was like splitting a 30mg edible. So basically taking around 15mg. Ate cake and instant noodles, laughed a lot, watched venom. Turns out I’m a HORRIBLE movie critique while high. I also found out I get really sleepy while high. So this all lasted from 12am-4am*. Great time. I also have back and neck pain and so when I woke up I literally felt my body rejuvenated. Amazing. Edibles are great only when taken in moderation 👁-👁 so yeah.
Gnobudy Gnows
Gnobudy Gnows 12 dager siden
I ate a 400 mg edible at work once. Felt like I had a 500 lb boulder in my chest 🤣
Crinky 13 dager siden
Me and my friends got edibles for the FIRST TIME and each had about 300 mg. We all puked and were high for ~2 days.
Alexander Agcaoili
Alexander Agcaoili 13 dager siden
Schlatt looks so much younger here How did he age so much?
Bdawg135 13 dager siden
Maybe you should have not smoked weed
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson 13 dager siden
I watched this mid peak on edibles the other night, very interesting story thankyou
lavathrower gameing
lavathrower gameing 14 dager siden
I thought it said eddie lol
Joselynn Strong
Joselynn Strong 14 dager siden
Sam Nichols
Sam Nichols 14 dager siden
for my first edible ever, since I already had a decent tolerance from smoking joints, I took about 275mg, and it was fun enough. But me being a dumbass, for my 2nd time when I got a 600mg package of nerds rope bites, I ate half, then once high, decided to finish it... I also do not remember a single thing past when I took the rest of it, but I don't think it was too unpleasant. I woke up in my chair at like 7am the next day, still slightly high. Oh I do have one video from that night too which was just a 5 second long video where I zoomed in on my face with the caption "Summertime." This was in early january btw...
X 14 dager siden
me here i drank 6 cans of rotbeer keef
mushr00m_d00zer 14 dager siden
I had to be hospitalized cuz i had never had an edible before, i had only smoked and my mums friend (the one who gave me the edible) gave me 38gm, the poor docters had to deal with me having a panic attack while im so high that it feels like another person is in my mind at 3AM 🧍
Sarah Fischer
Sarah Fischer 14 dager siden
What a puss 😂😂🤣🤣
Dave West
Dave West 15 dager siden
The guy with the massager is the person you DON’T want as a tripsitter
MrNewbMcMuffin 15 dager siden
You can chew pepper to lower a high
mr 4k
mr 4k 15 dager siden
"I will fucking jitsu you bitch" Ted-
aethan saegaert エタンマルティネス
aethan saegaert エタンマルティネス 16 dager siden
I smoke everyday and I smoke higher quality mids but I took a nerds rope edible over 2 hours ago and I’m still not high at all 😤
Max Snow
Max Snow 16 dager siden
Who remembers the 1000mg and 1500mg Bhang Bars?
PosMatic 16 dager siden
_Joey Diaz Approves_
rachel hall
rachel hall 16 dager siden
I have watched this too many time to be normal
Sydney Butscher
Sydney Butscher 16 dager siden
His girlfriend’s dad watching the video: 👁👄👁
blake hebert
blake hebert 16 dager siden
i ate half of one of those nerd ropes, and this was when i smoked and hit dabs every day, and i genuinely don’t think i’ve ever been that high. all i wanted to do was lie down.
ii omqfaderz
ii omqfaderz 16 dager siden
rewatching this again because funny
JuicyIsTaken 16 dager siden
Don’t you hate when you accidentally have 400mgs of Wed
Wolfy the demon Wolf
Wolfy the demon Wolf 16 dager siden
Awww Ted did you not read? XD sorry sorry to soon
Devin Sampson
Devin Sampson 17 dager siden
first time I got high I had two 400mg edibles and walked to the park with one of my friends while drinking a lot of alcohol, I felt perfectly fine throughout the entire night....
Blazer 9 dager siden
Maybe they were duds or not cooked properly, maybe the alcohol cancels out some of the high or you’re just built different😂
Salty R
Salty R 17 dager siden
Crossing my is’ and during my ts’
yourmomlover84 17 dager siden
You KINDA sound like swagger. You both have that "ugh" in your voice
Miss Outit
Miss Outit 17 dager siden
“I think you need another stick of butter.” WHAT
Elfnick2817 17 dager siden
Quick fix dont take weed
Untold_thoughts 17 dager siden
Ted looks drunk
joaquin brasher
joaquin brasher 17 dager siden
You know what is really funny, weed
Nick Demos
Nick Demos 17 dager siden
400mg is my morning
Eli Connor
Eli Connor 17 dager siden
Time for my bi-weekly viewing of this video
Peeper The Penguin
Peeper The Penguin 18 dager siden
Weed is not healthy. What the fuck are you saying? Are you still high Ted. “Weed is a perfectly healthy recreational drug”-Ted Nivision 2021
lorenawithak 18 dager siden
i know im late but this appeared on my reccommended and i wanted to give a trick on what really helps with being too high: CBD... its effects literally counter the THC in your body. there’s CBD bud but also oil cartridges and edibles out there so its pretty accessible.
Lost And Found
Lost And Found 18 dager siden
no my friend and i did this once
Anna Von Ruden
Anna Von Ruden 18 dager siden
Sierra Siedschlag
Sierra Siedschlag 18 dager siden
My friend has a Rick and Morty edible nerds rope that's like 600 mg and everytime I see it I think about this video and laugh my ass off
WeirdWhiteDog 18 dager siden
here I am. again
quin 18 dager siden
ted nivison
Adia 18 dager siden
Twisted Plays
Twisted Plays 18 dager siden
jacka gaming
jacka gaming 18 dager siden
Did you ever try sniffing black pepper? Apparently the scent of black pepper or just eating a little bit of it can kill your high
FrigidShadow 18 dager siden
This video is still good a second time. As someone who has partaken in too much of the schweed at times, I can only fathom how rough this ride was.
Turtle Berries
Turtle Berries 18 dager siden
I was tryna line up my volume bar with something in the background but he kept zooming in.
NateTGP 18 dager siden
when you were in the pain zone did everything feel heavy for you?
Ben Robbins
Ben Robbins 19 dager siden
I still remember eating 350mg thinking the bag was a dud. Ended up paralyzed and then slept for 18 hours
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