The Best of Ted Nivison 2020

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Ted Nivison

5 måneder siden

Thanks for an incredible 2020! Here's the best of Ted Nivison. That's me. That's my name.

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About Ted Nivison:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Thank you guys so much for an incredible 2020. It's hard to think about whether or not a year or two ago I thought I would get this far, but to know that I have is a very humbling experience, and I'm very excited to meet more of you in the future when conventions are a thing again, and we have a healthy world again. This truly has been one of the most change-filled years of my life, and I'm glad that so many of you are here along for the ride. Take care of yourselves, and stay happy and healthy. - Ted

Ayooo How ya doing?
Ayooo How ya doing? 6 dager siden
It’s wired that there aren’t all of teds videos in this
Sneez Space noodle
Sneez Space noodle 10 dager siden
Ted yelling "LOOK AT ME" at Charlie while consuming raw butter as Charlie nearly cries has the same energy as when the protagonists fight the main villain near the start and get absolutely fucking stomped
Breanna McLarty
Breanna McLarty 11 dager siden
Ted is the byproduct of Markiplier and Eric Andre prove me wrong.
i z z y
i z z y 16 dager siden
Ted : *Every youtuber and their brother's mom* Me : *Yup sounds about right*
Emmerson Hall
Emmerson Hall 16 dager siden
i like ted because he looks like my friend tommy :)
L C 18 dager siden
I miss Carson
Jack Mazeika
Jack Mazeika 18 dager siden
Thanks Ted very cool
Upside Doggo
Upside Doggo 19 dager siden
15:45 did Ted unlist this video? I know for a fact I watched it but can’t find it. If he unlisted it it’s probably because it has Carson in it but still.. that video was so damn funny… wish I could rewatch it. If anyone sees this and has it saved in a playlist or something and it’s not privated could you potentially link the video to me?
Water 21 dag siden
I've come back three times exclusively for the i c u p moment
O Gaúcho
O Gaúcho Måned siden
The Mah National Park was the funniest shit I've ever seen
Moonless Måned siden
*sees Carson* That one didn't age quite so well
Wade Garrison
Wade Garrison Måned siden
This video has me convinced that there is a secret discord for NOwindowrs being used to set up collabs and share Video ideas.
Falis Nirroir
Falis Nirroir Måned siden
honestly if schlatt and ted were the "leaders" of this whole group instead of carson then they wouldve been so much funnier
Rizen 2 måneder siden
you supply us with cram, we supply you with subscribers
OriginalName 2 måneder siden
Wait only female cows can produce milk so he named his FEMALE cow Charles or people weren’t drinking milk.
The Radioactive Player
The Radioactive Player 2 måneder siden
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
I’ve literally been to the San Diego zoo so many times as a kid and it’s never been as much fun as they made it 🤣
Pan Demic
Pan Demic 2 måneder siden
Found you through the chuckle sandwich podcast and I am wheezing at your content. I'm afraid if you continue making banger content like this, I may become asthmatic.
Geist 2 måneder siden
Ted's channel is like an entire series on Adult Swim
7diz 2 måneder siden
lol who’s this Carson. *forgotten*
Darth Lynx
Darth Lynx 2 måneder siden
*Gone but not forgotten*
Abbster 2 måneder siden
N0T B0NN13
N0T B0NN13 2 måneder siden
i love how he posted this on my birthday
Major 3 måneder siden
Y is this man not at like 5 mill subs
X_Plays 3 måneder siden
14:00 had me dyin’.
opossum in a coat
opossum in a coat 3 måneder siden
Milk man
Quentin Tarter
Quentin Tarter 3 måneder siden
The wealthy milk ethnopharmacologically precede because grip demographically pedal towards a quirky character. direful, unique giraffe
Kingnightmare 20
Kingnightmare 20 3 måneder siden
How is Ted not at 1 mil
Samuel Heart
Samuel Heart 3 måneder siden
Schlagg has it in the bagg
Emmett Lazarski
Emmett Lazarski 3 måneder siden
Chris Rand
Chris Rand 3 måneder siden
Surprised he didn't take this down like his national park vid cuz it includes carson
Rogue 3 måneder siden
he wouldnt take this down just cuz it includes carson.
Dakota😟 3 måneder siden
Teds like the upgraded Danny Gonzalez
MUNK3Y 3 måneder siden
Ted are you ok? If you see this you’ve escaped tiktok
Oliver Hawksworth
Oliver Hawksworth 3 måneder siden
I tell u what, I could really go for some milk right about now
Cara Dzuris
Cara Dzuris 4 måneder siden
my favorite part was watching you waterboard cooper
Timmy Paul
Timmy Paul 4 måneder siden
5:25 is the best bit
isaac guevara
isaac guevara 4 måneder siden
Garbageboy Stinkman
Garbageboy Stinkman 4 måneder siden
Ted, both visually and spiritually, gives off that vibe of the student teacher that the class likes more than the actual teacher
kittykillua 4 måneder siden
I love slime
Gamers JuG
Gamers JuG 4 måneder siden
The 140 dislikes are the loved ones who's family member laughed too hard and died
Beehive 55
Beehive 55 4 måneder siden
I love Ted so much
autumn **
autumn ** 4 måneder siden
funniest milk man alive - i’d say that’s a pretty good title
LoricNinj 4 måneder siden
it sucks because in all of these clips in 2020, they didn't know what as happening with carson.
raisin 4 måneder siden
for some reason, i get second-hand embarrassment whenever i see someone doing some weird shiz. however, ted has the brute power to break this mold and each time the new york bits come up, im just proud.
Evan Kinsler
Evan Kinsler 4 måneder siden
ohhh, carson.
Rogue 3 måneder siden
Heath Broman
Heath Broman 4 måneder siden
Awarepillow 4 måneder siden
I’ve watched this too many times
griffiniguess 4 måneder siden
“And their brothers mom” Ted- 2020
Adam King
Adam King 4 måneder siden
I got a Gucci commercial on this video
James Prendergast
James Prendergast 4 måneder siden
"Brother's mom" Just... why?
/ / Sleepless Avenue / /
/ / Sleepless Avenue / / 4 måneder siden
the update video was too short, so i'm watching this again
Kaan K
Kaan K 4 måneder siden
Hope carson returns i miss him
Light 4 måneder siden
wouldn't my brothers mom be my mom
Blair Hay
Blair Hay 4 måneder siden
“Every NOwindow and their brothers mom”
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 4 måneder siden
Carson didn’t do anything wrong: Change My Mind
gosha 4 måneder siden
Finally someone with a brain
Tremoral 4 måneder siden
Ya know I never knew the Cookie Monster was a short Latino lady
Alex Jordan
Alex Jordan 4 måneder siden
You need to upload more! love the content.
Nova 4 måneder siden
If he said BYE-BYE!, I’d be convinced that I was watching Markiplier
Cabnbeeschurgr 4 måneder siden
27:03 I love how he pointed up when he said satan cause Australian upside down haha hahs
Document of Trash
Document of Trash 4 måneder siden
Ted... Except for your interviews, Your best videos are your solo videos.
Mon Chou
Mon Chou 4 måneder siden
why is there so many comments about carson? this is teds channel-
Mon Chou
Mon Chou 4 måneder siden
@Lise Magic Did carson do something? im so confused.
Lise Magic
Lise Magic 4 måneder siden
A week later and I am seeing a lot of those comments as well. I think it’s a weird combination of angry carson stans trying to start fights about his (in their minds) innocence with ted fans, as well as people who for some reason think ted has info on his whereabouts at the moment. Idk it’s all weird.
Knight Solaire
Knight Solaire 4 måneder siden
Milk 4 måneder siden
Milk 4 måneder siden
why in the fuck do you look like john paul reynolds
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename 4 måneder siden
for the people bringing up the carson thing: shut the fuck up and enjoy the funny milkman
Divad Werdna
Divad Werdna 4 måneder siden
One of my favorite channels love you ted
Forhonoriaplayer101 4 måneder siden
1:36 teng tu shimoch
CONG-KEAH LONG 4 måneder siden
im glad the comments aren't filled with callmecarson drama
Landen Clay
Landen Clay 4 måneder siden
26:50 Is that fucking skim milk
Kyle Ulloa
Kyle Ulloa 4 måneder siden
Ted .... how is Carson I’m worried
David Thor
David Thor 4 måneder siden
13:03 Polish-Lithuanian troops calling the Winged Hussars to the siege of Vienna colorized
Hoani De Cleene
Hoani De Cleene 4 måneder siden
Where you at boi I need videos
Caroline 4 måneder siden
22:12 im not sure but did i just hear a mother fucqing jojo reference?!. did he say “Arrivederci”?
Swerve Money The Great
Swerve Money The Great 4 måneder siden
Bro that’s an Italian word not a JoJo reference
GamingDude 18
GamingDude 18 4 måneder siden
Yo Ted i want you to do a video of finding nemo movie rip offs
The Creature Called Pete
The Creature Called Pete 4 måneder siden
Wait til he talks about 2021
Panicking Cactus
Panicking Cactus 4 måneder siden
I like your funny words, television man.
Kate Sapp
Kate Sapp 4 måneder siden
Please watch and review Son of Aladin.
mason gav
mason gav 4 måneder siden
how does this man not have 10 million subs yet
Owen Rogers
Owen Rogers 4 måneder siden
Ted I’ve got a problem I want the milk crew neck but they all sold out what do I do to obtain one?
Charles Burnham
Charles Burnham 4 måneder siden
My dads name is Ted
Laine Exe
Laine Exe 4 måneder siden
I'm not gay, but....
NotFunny Didn'tLaugh
NotFunny Didn'tLaugh 4 måneder siden
keis bae
keis bae 4 måneder siden
the clip of free and him speaking over makoto is taking me out😭😭
Zachary Tribou
Zachary Tribou 4 måneder siden
Ted i can't shit and my stomach hurts, should I consume a 400mg edible and drink saltwater
antgee 4 måneder siden
MY TECH DECK?! I GOT HIS TECH DECK! had me crying lmao
callitMixx 4 måneder siden
"it's just chaos in the kitchen, "that's my brand"" new merch??
Shrek Shampoo
Shrek Shampoo 4 måneder siden
14:14 hits different now. I really hope you are well Ted, and you continue to make good judgements and good content.
pep pep
pep pep 4 måneder siden
why does ted look like a white version of my uncle
Timoo 4 måneder siden
Happy birthday Ted
Lee Mcelhenney
Lee Mcelhenney 4 måneder siden
ted answer
PinYoda 4 måneder siden
My dude you're my last hope, please don't be anymore weird than you already lead on
Telos Ladd
Telos Ladd 4 måneder siden
I’m still surprised you aren’t verified. That needs to change.
Dom 4 måneder siden
Ted, has anyone ever told you you look exactly like Boston Rob from survivor?
Dairy Cream5
Dairy Cream5 4 måneder siden
I just wanna take a second to thank Ted's mom for giving us Ted. Thank you, Ted's mom🥰
Malevolence 4 måneder siden
I've seen people attacking both carson and ted in this video. Honestly I am really sad that their friendship ended, i'm sad that carson is honestly probably going to quit. But honestly you can't attack Ted for having courage to hold his close friend accountable not alot of people would be able to do that. I really want to see Carson redeem himself from this and also from what i've heard Schlatt say Carson's mental health has gone very far downhill, as much he literally fucked up so much, I ask that you be careful with your words. I am in no way defending him but rather just saying this from a fan's perspective.
SinnamonSki 4 måneder siden
Thank goodness a person who wants to see someone grow and improve without being chastised. I liked Carson's videos because they were relaxing to watch. It was just friends hanging out in discord. But it's hard to even watch his videos through or even look at them without feeling wretched now. I really want Carson to improve and *actually* learn from all of this. I want to watch his newer videos with reassurance and a small smile knowing that, "hey he's learning and he's trying to be better" and Ted who has to hold a friend accountable for this hurts like HELL. I really hope if this future ever happens Carson can rebuild his relationships with friends who's absolutely positive on rebuilding their friendship after checking on his activity. I truly wish the best for Schlatt and Everyone else though and that they can all progress through this year.
Butterflies 4 måneder siden
i like your funny words magic man.
Cornboy’s Cornshack
Cornboy’s Cornshack 4 måneder siden
I think an interesting thing could be where Bon Jovi’s song “Bad Medicine” could be replaced by his name. Listen to the song, it works quite well.
liah 4 måneder siden
"what is the ma national park schlatt" "ma baaaaaaaaaaalls" **wheeze**
Logan 4 måneder siden
Ted is truly a boy in a man's body.
Karma Is Cringe
Karma Is Cringe 4 måneder siden
noahs accent will be the death of me
Andrew Lukkuz
Andrew Lukkuz 4 måneder siden
Now please release a "Worst of Ted Nivison" where you compile all the evidence of your 72 murders
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