The God Of Pastries

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Ted Nivison

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Coffee Cake: The God Of Pastries
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

blackbird577 11 dager siden
I love how the microphone always dies during the cooking videos.
Trippie Chris
Trippie Chris 14 dager siden
Am I the only one who thought arm and hammer was gonna kill me
ramcultist 14 dager siden
is there even coffee in the coffee cake hol up
Emma Stoeckl
Emma Stoeckl 15 dager siden
the 246 dislikes are coffee drinkers
Al lexus
Al lexus 16 dager siden
Shes hot
Sam 9 dager siden
good job being weird
SleepyToast 19 dager siden
for a swcond i thought the title of this video was "the god of parasites"
Unnecessary Artwork
Unnecessary Artwork 26 dager siden
New merch idea: “Buttermilk... How ‘bout it!”
Water 28 dager siden
Grace girl spy kid :))))))
zendik Måned siden
4:35 yes
Ang loves pups
Ang loves pups Måned siden
I legitimately love Ted the fact that he honestly seems like hes just being his genuine chaotic self. And his friendships with others is fricken awesome
Homeless Duck
Homeless Duck Måned siden
The amount of butter used in this video makes me think I'm watching Paula Deen cook, she drenches anything in fatty cream milk
hydroelectricLyre Måned siden
7:12 sorry guys, i made some revisions to the recipe. it's supposed to say "beat it, sugar" at the end
Jay Zombie
Jay Zombie Måned siden
I love coffee
NelsonDrums Måned siden
I love the energy of this video
A.Ffirmative Måned siden
i love how ted loves making food on camera, but never has the tools, or hell, even the ingredients for the recipes, it is truly orgasmic watching him struggle
Screenzy Måned siden
Just came from a Binging with Babish video this is an UPGRADE
buruuberii Måned siden
I read pasta like the dumbass I am so when I heard “it’s gonna have a layer of cheesecake” I panicked, and yes, I was enough of an idiot to ignore all of the other signs that it is indeed not a lasagna
Ian Woodrich
Ian Woodrich Måned siden
Malt Vinegar Bunch
Malt Vinegar Bunch Måned siden
Ted where are your pants
General Grievous
General Grievous 2 måneder siden
not a cooking guy, i'll just eat a few pounds of butter and sugar
William Fisher
William Fisher 2 måneder siden
We have this container, that contains the salt, the salt that we need.
Cole Helderman
Cole Helderman 2 måneder siden
i thought the title was the god of parasites and i was so confused
bananataco 2 måneder siden
“scarlet fire”
Vaughn Bodet
Vaughn Bodet 2 måneder siden
Is she from spy kids
Bacon ;D
Bacon ;D 2 måneder siden
Sup Ted :D
AngryFrog 2 måneder siden
Who's that guy in the video? He has sick glasses
kevin Måned siden
My boyfriend
Athas 2 måneder siden
Whats up
Jazzy Pants
Jazzy Pants 2 måneder siden
Slimecicle slime video same setting?
Flippy Studios
Flippy Studios 2 måneder siden
loud =/= funny
s0up c4t
s0up c4t 2 måneder siden
im in love with Gracie
Orla D.
Orla D. 2 måneder siden
the way you whisk stuff disgusts me
Loaf of bread
Loaf of bread 2 måneder siden
I have one last hostess coffee cake left should I eat now or tomorrow
KRANCH 2 måneder siden
Why did he make the glaze of the camera... pretty sus😂
Boxing Madness
Boxing Madness 2 måneder siden
You're drinking the wrong coffee
sardonicGrip 2 måneder siden
what is it with tall nerd dudes and being funny
Fumpledink 2 måneder siden
7:05 don't think can't see BANILLA you thought you could sneak past me but ho ho no my eyes are sharp like the hawks eyes and also beak
TheRealTiam lol
TheRealTiam lol 3 måneder siden
I accidentally drank buttermilk by itself once. Out of all the experiences I've had in my life that was definitely one of em.
Avery Borgelt
Avery Borgelt 3 måneder siden
I hate the kitchen backsplash
Peter B
Peter B 3 måneder siden
Creamcheese POG
Lil Beach
Lil Beach 3 måneder siden
Why she look like she was in the movie spy kids?
Ella Calderon
Ella Calderon 3 måneder siden
4:59 when he said "mix it up" it sounded like swaggersouls-
0MemeMan0 3 måneder siden
I actually like the taste of black coffee, hence the Pfp. Why? Because I’m insane.
Hudson Williams
Hudson Williams 3 måneder siden
Wow I can't believe you got the girl from spy kids to be in your video
ItsDopamine05 3 måneder siden
What’s up
Why 3 måneder siden
This helps me shit
bee is yes
bee is yes 3 måneder siden
give recipe
Lake 3 måneder siden
I like the taste of coffee... :(
N841Felix 3 måneder siden
whats up in the comments
swaglib_ 3 måneder siden
grace looks like that girl from spy kids
Max Brown
Max Brown 4 måneder siden
ScuffNSC 3 måneder siden
Stephanie Carlson
Stephanie Carlson 4 måneder siden
Grace looks like the main kid girl in the Spy Kids movies.
feliperznd_ 4 måneder siden
love me some bread with tumor butter. yum yum
TomerG 4 måneder siden
truly incredible how much they are similar
kOnA bEaN
kOnA bEaN 4 måneder siden
Well Ted, buttermilk is fermented milk, so it smells... bad.
Lucas Hagg
Lucas Hagg 4 måneder siden
'Land O Lakes is tumor butter.' Best Ted quote ever.
Brendan McDermott
Brendan McDermott 4 måneder siden
Damn grace kinda slim thick
Sam 9 dager siden
unironiclly extremely weird
Ethan Wright
Ethan Wright 3 måneder siden
Down bad
Extol 4 måneder siden
Coffee tastes so good though... uncultured swineeeeeee. Funny vid 🤙🏼
Thegr8beast2007 4 måneder siden
Kathryn Crowley
Kathryn Crowley 4 måneder siden
“Including videos i wasnt even baking”
The Colonel
The Colonel 4 måneder siden
Ted is officially a man of culture
SCOTT MADDEN 4 måneder siden
Whooooo yah!!!! Nice!!!!! This is it!!
Koopa The Critic
Koopa The Critic 4 måneder siden
Hey, I have the same shirt Ted is wearing. That's pretty cool
Kaminari 4 måneder siden
She looks like one of my classmates but older and prettier
JoshTM 4 måneder siden
Ive always made coffee cake in a bunt cake pan so its weird seeing it as a recangle
Thomas Crawford
Thomas Crawford 4 måneder siden
All of ur friends seem like cool people. Nice
RyanOnTheInternet 4 måneder siden
i genuinely thought ted's shirt was uncle sam breastfeeding an eagle
North Joestar
North Joestar 4 måneder siden
He ain’t wrong about the coffee statement shit stands tall to this day
jacob pipkin
jacob pipkin 4 måneder siden
Grace looks, like Carmen from spy kids..... am I high?
Jay Caponigro
Jay Caponigro 4 måneder siden
as a fellow masshole we will now be disowning you due to your hatred of coffee and coffe products you will therefore be permanantly exiled to rhode island.
Ronan Lefsky
Ronan Lefsky 4 måneder siden
Rhode island isn’t real silly goose
Jahdai Spikes
Jahdai Spikes 5 måneder siden
She’s really cute
ChunkeyCheeseRat 5 måneder siden
British coffee cake has coffee in it. What the fuck is that America.
Pearl Giallanza
Pearl Giallanza 5 måneder siden
I love that grace said goodbye in italian
Jmariii 5 måneder siden
My lactose intolerance cried
Jake Woodson
Jake Woodson 5 måneder siden
0:50 is that a jojo reference
Snity 5 måneder siden
Ted kinda sounds like a more manly idubz
Jason Kameo
Jason Kameo 5 måneder siden
Grace looks like his niece or his little sisters friend, she basically looks 16 and he looks 24
Jose David Villanueva
Jose David Villanueva 5 måneder siden
Also just the way he says butter
Jose David Villanueva
Jose David Villanueva 5 måneder siden
Tumor butter
grace michaela
grace michaela 5 måneder siden
I like her name quite a lot
hjönk hjönk am goose
hjönk hjönk am goose 5 måneder siden
Just had a thought that the girl looks a bit like the sister from Spy Kids, Carmen??
Fred The Puppet
Fred The Puppet 5 måneder siden
Why did Grace say “goodbye” in Italian? If she meant to say “bon appétit” it would just be “Buon appetito”.
Madagan Harlan
Madagan Harlan 5 måneder siden
How you got so many girls
Jackson Barr
Jackson Barr 5 måneder siden
Grace looks like the girl from spy kids
ceo of not being gay
ceo of not being gay 5 måneder siden
I clicked on this video for the 4 minutes in and I only just realized the title is "the god of *pastries*" and not "the god of parasites"-
Chocolate Milkman
Chocolate Milkman 5 måneder siden
Why does the NOwindow algorithm decide to recommend me good videos when I'm suppose to go to bed?
A Stranger
A Stranger 5 måneder siden
How tall is her cuz ted is tall
milk maker sunchip
milk maker sunchip 5 måneder siden
I do not the knowing be cause she looking like she is small er than the height of bed
yuranamo 6 måneder siden
she's highkey funny
PEPE MUSIC 6 måneder siden
ted we are the same. two homies that like milk and coffee cake
KingGeorgeV's Kingdom
KingGeorgeV's Kingdom 6 måneder siden
Where does he find these people to suffer with him
juicejunkie 6 måneder siden
MrMello 6 måneder siden
3349 68 712
MrMello 6 måneder siden
3344 68 664
sammy boi
sammy boi 6 måneder siden
I think Ted likes baking more than he let's on
H Kaiser
H Kaiser 6 måneder siden
Yorg Gerg
Yorg Gerg 6 måneder siden
Currently drinking while cooking
Yorg Gerg
Yorg Gerg 6 måneder siden
While waiting to finish cooking and watch vid
Xavier Gildon
Xavier Gildon 6 måneder siden
that's illeguuhl
GB-DESIGNS 6 måneder siden
What do I preheat the oven to and for how long does it bake for?
vanilla whiteboy
vanilla whiteboy 6 måneder siden
AnimeFan2464 6 måneder siden
I like your shirt
n o
n o 6 måneder siden
Does no one question how all his bowls have handles-
I made a meatloaf
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