The Incorrect History of Milk

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Ted Nivison

År siden

Today Ted tells The Incorrect History of Milk
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

vanessa reynoso
vanessa reynoso År siden
I learn more from Ted than I do from school
Pumpkin Snowcub
Pumpkin Snowcub 7 dager siden
This was a year ago ?!
- xcooki-
- xcooki- 21 dag siden
Now this is what they should be teaching in History
•Ex0ticButtErs• Måned siden
Honestly 💀🤚
Latiosbuddies Måned siden
I do too
stephen spager
stephen spager 2 måneder siden
Your looking at the screen like you’re cat profile after this video
LOL Game King
LOL Game King 7 timer siden
Dani would be proud
Joe mama
Joe mama 2 dager siden
OSEH 2 dager siden
Damn I came to rob your house but damn... this guys kinda interesting
George&DreamTeam 4 dager siden
Bruuuuhhh I really believe Ted until the "golden cow" thing
Isabella Stant
Isabella Stant 8 dager siden
I’m like 4 minutes in and yeah idk what the title of the video is on about this is totally true 🙄🛐🕰💿🩹🧱🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🍼🥛🍼🥛🍼🥛🍼🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛
RamQ06 10 dager siden
Ted Nivison
Weird_Boy 12 dager siden
4:06 - Why you gotta do ya boy Slimecicle like that?
Bee 12 dager siden
I nearly bought this up in history class when we were discussing George Washington because I forgot this Wasn’t true
MNW Jar 12 dager siden
Nah, milk was mad when a woman was trying to jerkoff an girl cow cuz she thought it was a boy.😩😂
dog water
dog water 14 dager siden
ted are you ok?
cherry cloudz
cherry cloudz 14 dager siden
Anyone else just... 🧠🔨 wOw and suddenly I learned more then many school years has taught me
goofy goober
goofy goober 15 dager siden
how high was he when writing this???
DanTheMilkMan 15 dager siden
Thanks for having me on your video!
Satanic green demon
Satanic green demon 15 dager siden
I'm just going to ignore that Charles is the name of a male
puggs 15 dager siden
I have to say that it took me to Friedrich Literalyanazi to realise this was just a joke
Lucious 15 dager siden
I’m in the toilet.
Sydney Butscher
Sydney Butscher 16 dager siden
Ik it’s false but it sounds so true
Gingie Dude
Gingie Dude 16 dager siden
I’m lost so very lost
Emmerson Hall
Emmerson Hall 16 dager siden
9:35 where tf did you find those pictures
𝚡̷𝚇̷_𝚙̷𝚘̷𝚖̷𝚙̷_𝚇̷𝚡̷ 16 dager siden
They wanted tha tiddiez
Emerald Adventurer
Emerald Adventurer 17 dager siden
There was actually a golden cow statue in he old testament that played a large part in the story...
Velvas The Crossfox
Velvas The Crossfox 17 dager siden
5:41 I wonder if Moses knows. Last we heard, he thought Fiji water was imported from the island of Fiji.
Abyss Lord
Abyss Lord 17 dager siden
I wish he made more of these
Bob Da Job
Bob Da Job 17 dager siden
So glad I can use this as a reference source for my history exam
Amelia Vermeer
Amelia Vermeer 18 dager siden
The amount of crash corse videos I would watch where Ted just changes the facts to just random stuff but it still in a way tells accurate information
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 18 dager siden
So what mr literally a nazi just made Florida
Sophia Bell
Sophia Bell 18 dager siden
Love Milk
Jeffrey Klaumenzer
Jeffrey Klaumenzer 18 dager siden
Ten Division
Mikayla Kurtz
Mikayla Kurtz 18 dager siden
just relayed these facts with total trust in Ted ... opened the comments and realized i’m an idiot and ted doesn’t deserve the amount of trust i have in him
Dragon Miracles
Dragon Miracles 18 dager siden
The ending gives me live action cat in the hat ending vibes
Bella George
Bella George 18 dager siden
he has robert california vibes in this vid
Ryyi23 19 dager siden
I fear Evil Phil every day.
Jackson Scott
Jackson Scott 19 dager siden
love how he actually knows some history 6:21
Person Thing
Person Thing 19 dager siden
Wait how do play this game again.
Reii 19 dager siden
am i the only one that realizes that he used a map of Lithuania for milk land
the slam jamfrincisco
the slam jamfrincisco 19 dager siden
Makes complete sense that most evil business owner lived in a shed in Worcester
Arizona ranger with a big iron on his hip
Arizona ranger with a big iron on his hip 19 dager siden
Ned tivison
Proud Killjoy
Proud Killjoy 19 dager siden
I cannot comprehend that this is a year old
Artsy Book
Artsy Book 20 dager siden
When he said "read it and weep....samantha" it caught me so off guard lmaooo
Rice 20 dager siden
Mr. Ted Nivison makes learning history so fun!
Sam_the_ 1d_larrie_trash
Sam_the_ 1d_larrie_trash 20 dager siden
Ok, but warm milk is disgusting once you hit 2-3yrs old
sadTucanSamIRL 20 dager siden
I'm starting to think this story isnt true -_-
sadTucanSamIRL 18 dager siden
@The Nut YEAH.
The Nut
The Nut 18 dager siden
Wait... REALLY?
earlstuff 21 dag siden
I need to play bedwars
Kritter Games
Kritter Games 20 dager siden
EnderDragon2032 21 dag siden
i cant tell what parts are real
aPerfect 21 dag siden
how the gods living fuck is this a year old now.
- xcooki-
- xcooki- 21 dag siden
I never knew I needed this..
Oof Bruh
Oof Bruh 21 dag siden
5:45 man really said "wOOsteR" instead of "wistah"
Siren 22 dager siden
Now Ted, I'm no history buff, but something seems off about this...
James DTV
James DTV 24 dager siden
World heritage video
Phrog 25 dager siden
This is factual information.
unholyquail 219
unholyquail 219 26 dager siden
I recommended this video to my health teacher and he said he might watch it for fun
Emilia de Boer
Emilia de Boer 26 dager siden
Private_Ryan1 26 dager siden
"the milk men took Berlin" the milk men worked in the Soviet Army or were Mercenaries who killed for milk how courageous
Austin Strange
Austin Strange 27 dager siden
Thank you Ted
Big Nugg
Big Nugg 27 dager siden
Guys it’s true I was there
xraven_shadowx 27 dager siden
more shimshaw plz
Winterwasnt here
Winterwasnt here Måned siden
Soap Tea
Soap Tea Måned siden
hello ted nivison, my name is, in fact, samantha. this video scared me, specifically at 3:04 when you looked directly into the camera and said my name to my face. i have never felt more fear than in that moment, so dont do that. please. :) much love, samantha
LAKIN Isabelle
LAKIN Isabelle Måned siden
Fun fact: today i got myself some milk and somebody left tiny bit of milk in the carton and DIDNT THROW IT AWAY SCREEEEE
Ìžžÿ Måned siden
I genuinely can't tell if he's being serious or not
Kyle P
Kyle P Måned siden
Charles was a bull. That wasn't milk that you were drinking.
PhantomEcho Måned siden
I like to think that this will be the last evidence of human life on earth, and aliens will find it and think its real
laurenw_30 Måned siden
Milk daddy
no. but like, think about it
no. but like, think about it Måned siden
Sigh. American textbooks always leaving the true stuff out, can't believe i didn't learn this from my teacher.
Sami :D
Sami :D Måned siden
as someone with the name samantha him yelling my name scared the hell outa me
Dan the Banan
Dan the Banan Måned siden
me learining about the history and the mystery of milk (its very interesting)
Tila XD
Tila XD Måned siden
Milk is good
thebigBruh Måned siden
this has the vibe of a sam onella academy video
Kaiden Nassty
Kaiden Nassty Måned siden
Okay but the lactase part is actually true. Why does he have actually scientifically correct information in this.
Maggie Hronik
Maggie Hronik Måned siden
alternate universe where this is accurate
fake emo ash
fake emo ash Måned siden
This was a literal Ted Talk
Jaiden Måned siden
ted i just wanted to steal your money please let me leave your mansion
pog champ
pog champ Måned siden
At first I thought it was some ad for like a university or something cause I didn’t see the video change and I was away from my laptop and then I hear o hello you scared the shit out of me how’d you get into my home
YoHaNah Ramen
YoHaNah Ramen Måned siden
Absolutely brilliant. Historians should be shaking in their seats, because the ideological bar and mental demand of historical review was just raised far beyond what this mans peers could ever hope to rise above.
Connie Creates
Connie Creates Måned siden
No because the bad part is I completely believed him until Fredrich Liederallyanazi
Eyyy Wannn
Eyyy Wannn Måned siden
I’m starting to feel like this video isn’t entirely factual
Mak _anime
Mak _anime Måned siden
Just got called the r slur by my brother and he mis gendered me 5 times and just kept yelling, so now I am watching this bc milk.
Grey Gollner
Grey Gollner Måned siden
i’ve watched this 4 times and now i remembered Fidel Castros ice cream shit has links to creamtime
Insert Fun
Insert Fun Måned siden
i thought this was gonna be a series when i saw it in my recommended a year ago
The Lord Arsehole
The Lord Arsehole Måned siden
Mad respect to Phil he's a good guy ya know?
William Fisher
William Fisher Måned siden
I believe it’s pronounced Keefer
N1ght H0wler
N1ght H0wler Måned siden
I want to show this to someone with no knowledge of history
mantas razinskas
mantas razinskas Måned siden
My country be burning tho 2:54
Toby Richardson
Toby Richardson Måned siden
Class 6 hell portal with crunchy men? This sounds crazy...
MacKenna Lang
MacKenna Lang Måned siden
This looks like a 2 grad presentation I think is really funny
D4 F1SHEH Måned siden
The one thing that would have made this video better would be that Ted was milk man all video
Magiel Måned siden
Ted, are you absolutely certain that this is true.
ssA 42
ssA 42 Måned siden
This says a lot about our society
Eggro Måned siden
Pov: you break into someone's house and get lectured about milk
Overcomecross98 Måned siden
The fact u can say all this with a straight face
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Måned siden
Hey that milkman kinda looks like he would be my Dad- Wait
Sam H.
Sam H. Måned siden
fuck you I'm not weeping
• CactusXD •
• CactusXD • Måned siden
Theodore Nivison
tom hay
tom hay Måned siden
Hiw did I get a milk advert during this vid
General Grievous
General Grievous Måned siden
he forgot to mention the chocolate cow experiments by the Creamtime intelligence agency in '84
bbbonsai Måned siden
Is the video blurry so we can be like Ted without glasses
Inna Locke
Inna Locke Måned siden
Kefir is the boring version of Danimals I guess.
Johannes Eifler
Johannes Eifler Måned siden
Theodore Roosevelt Nivison
FTF Skater
FTF Skater Måned siden
I've watched this video more than I wanna admit
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