This "Cars" Knockoff Is Horrifying

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Ted Nivison

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Bikes, a knockoff of "cars" is horrifying and bad. Let's watch it!
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

quantumations gaming
quantumations gaming 5 dager siden
We talk about the lips, but look at the eyes, LOOK AT THE FUCKING EYES
xdDONUTZZZ 10 dager siden
These films are worse than mobile games lol
Nick Cariglio
Nick Cariglio 13 dager siden
"Like when a bike could swing an axe at another bike- there would be war!" Ted Nivision, 2019
mysterious 15 dager siden
if theres gas in this universe there are bike dinosaurs and if theres oil there are bike dinosaur bones
Clover 16 dager siden
Wanted to enjoy this old video but his mustache hurts my feelings
hoboogieman 17 dager siden
who made the german one a nazi bro
Sophia Yeoh
Sophia Yeoh 19 dager siden
that moustache was so distracting i had to rewatch three times to catch everything. Rock bikerson looks like schlatt and i can't unsee it.
KITT vs KARR KR 19 dager siden
3:34 Cars does have mountains that looks like cars and is based off Cadillac Ranch. Pedals in Bikes are no different than the Cozy Cones or the Wheel Well motel.
KITT vs KARR KR 19 dager siden
Cars is my favorite movie because its simple. *"no people"*
sexy hot
sexy hot 19 dager siden
i think i liked it better when i didn't know about this movie
Brokkr 20 dager siden
Them trying to put faces on bikes was one of the first mistakes of making this movie.
Daidle 20 dager siden
Incorrect Cars is a knock off of Bikes
WolfiedaAquarius 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
WolfiedaAquarius 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ 20 dager siden
This is probably the best made one out of all the ones ive seen so far though ngl-
Hexxhex 26 dager siden
He is reminiscent of idubbbz and I love it
Avery Smith
Avery Smith Måned siden
Why is it so funny watching an adult rant abt a trash movie
Joe The Turtle
Joe The Turtle Måned siden
*42% of people liked this movie* The 42% of people: 🚲 🚲 🚲 🚲
Daniel Goddard
Daniel Goddard Måned siden
Please please watch “cargo” me and my friends watched it and it is something else
Crate on Ma head
Crate on Ma head Måned siden
0:03 Ted Nivishlatt
Luna Equinox
Luna Equinox Måned siden
4:51 Plot twist the bike parts use to build the buildings are from Speedy's previous victims
Nut Måned siden
soon there is gonna be a movie called missles
Miffty Måned siden
why the tihng on his face
RJOwarrior Måned siden
This knockoff movie disgusts me, mainly because Cars was my childhood
ya boi
ya boi Måned siden
Rybug Måned siden
That mustache looks like he became Carson and wiped his poopoo fingies on his lip
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Måned siden
Is it just me or does rock look like handsome jack from borderlands 2?
Lovely Llama :P
Lovely Llama :P Måned siden
The fact that he shaved for this video was awesome-
maxim Måned siden
seth bikes hacks intenseifys
Matex Måned siden
Neon Mushroom
Neon Mushroom Måned siden
As a dutch man. That movie is weird to watch
Mr. Jamesbillybob
Mr. Jamesbillybob Måned siden
Bruh this director seems to always make the location of his films China
Cleveland Brown
Cleveland Brown Måned siden
What happened to the evil bank bikes?!?!
alfie Måned siden
5:32 my friends in preschool when i used the pink power ranger
MrM4gnus Måned siden
Can I just say that the lip syncing in that movie is just horrendous. Edit: I also wanna mention that the voice acting is either irritating or dog shit.
Keebe The Kirby plush
Keebe The Kirby plush Måned siden
This kind of movies will never be worse than the emoji movie
James Ambrosini
James Ambrosini 2 måneder siden
What's Cars?
TrulyJuicee 2 måneder siden
"Don't make the gas motor, stick to laptops and ammunition."
Toria S.
Toria S. 2 måneder siden
MSCA2020 ( make spokesville clean again)
Desert Rang3r
Desert Rang3r 2 måneder siden
8:10 "Spooksville"
Victory Ender
Victory Ender 2 måneder siden
Ted with facial hair is cursed
Emma Schofield
Emma Schofield 2 måneder siden
8:27 "he has evil facial hair' it kinda looks like shlatts hair i-
Dream is not Danny gonzolez
Dream is not Danny gonzolez 2 måneder siden
5:33 “and also pink is the girl color” me: *likes pink*
Lonerboy 73
Lonerboy 73 2 måneder siden
is no one gonna address where they emphasize local hero Rock isn't a hero he's a local hero
Broadex 2 måneder siden
I thought planes was enough but ...bikes?
Mostly just Stuff and things
Mostly just Stuff and things 2 måneder siden
Hey Ted, I am a little new to the channel but I just wanna tell you how much you have made my life better. Anyways I just wanna say that you have made a positive impact upon so many people’s lives and how much you mean to us. Keep making your fantastic content!
CreativeCavy 2 måneder siden
Brody Gast
Brody Gast 2 måneder siden
Me: *looking at the thumbnail* ughhhhhh that’s so gross, and creepy, and just- ugh. I guess the bike thing is weird too.
The Blob
The Blob 2 måneder siden
Fun fact: there is a person who works at Pixar who gets payed to come up with the names for movies and they got payed I think 2 million or more for the name cars ( I just saw this and am too lazy to double check )
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 2 måneder siden
The only thing more cursed than this movie is Ted with a mustache
Alexander Carter
Alexander Carter 2 måneder siden
Okay sure maybe it's the craziest acid trip you've had, but how does it compare to 400mg of weed?
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy 2 måneder siden
Their mouths are out of sync as fuck.
jake m
jake m 2 måneder siden
Its a spanish film, the translation is gonna sound weird 😒
John Gauer
John Gauer 2 måneder siden
Hi, do you know where I can see a copy of this film in English? I worked on it and it was the most unprofessional crap I have been envolved with. But, got paid. I was the voice for several charactors. They never contacted me to tell me where I can see this, or get a copy.
Myself Awesome Dude
Myself Awesome Dude 2 måneder siden
"Being fast isn't a personality trait" sad Sonic noises
Tanner Baughman
Tanner Baughman 2 måneder siden
Speedy literally has the cannondale logo right on the side lmao
Charlie McMillen
Charlie McMillen 2 måneder siden
They now have their own version of a KGB.
Soviet Mangos
Soviet Mangos 2 måneder siden
Gestapo bikes.
Oz Alper
Oz Alper 2 måneder siden
Its more of a robots knockoff tbh
Artichoke 2 måneder siden
This movie is off the chain
Caedmon Brady
Caedmon Brady 2 måneder siden
Caedmon Brady
Caedmon Brady 2 måneder siden
Cuz the main character looks like he's saying poggers
Venom_ 10
Venom_ 10 2 måneder siden
Yo this movie seems ok
Venom_ 10
Venom_ 10 2 måneder siden
The animation Is so much better than everything else
Anne Jones
Anne Jones 2 måneder siden
The moment you realise that ted almost grew mutton chops and turned into Jshlatt
Tommy innit
Tommy innit 2 måneder siden
Pls do ratatoing (knock off Version of ratatouille)
Ace_ 2 måneder siden
Ted with facial hair scares me
DeadInside 2 måneder siden
You look like the dad from inside out but so does every white man with brown hair and a mustache
GeT_ RiGhT
GeT_ RiGhT 3 måneder siden
Bad and weird. The movie is just so beard
Dave From accounting
Dave From accounting 3 måneder siden
Looking at mustache: "This looks pretty good!" Famous last words
Logan 3 måneder siden
3:29, cars does do this, they have a leaning tower of tires, spark plugs on top of a gas station and a giant building carved in a mountain in the shape of a wheel.
JustHereCringe 3 måneder siden
The taking and the lip syncing is just so frustrating.
sarcastic potato
sarcastic potato 3 måneder siden
no stache
Masked 3 måneder siden
the fact that you look like mr mayor is concerning
Blake Bennett
Blake Bennett 3 måneder siden
Speedy is pogging
BadGore 3 måneder siden
Ted definitely check out this movie called Legend of the Sea. I swear the villain of the movie gave me nightmares as a child. Plus the main character is voiced by Rob Schneider which I thought was pretty funny. Love these movie reviews btw! ❤️
Megan Hewitt
Megan Hewitt 3 måneder siden
Danny Gonzales....this you?
Christian Dangerfield
Christian Dangerfield 3 måneder siden
Ted, me and you both know that glasses need ears. The mentor had glasses but zero ears to be found. This movie is bs
Ellie Cotterill
Ellie Cotterill 3 måneder siden
this is worse to watch while drunk
Untitled_puppet 69
Untitled_puppet 69 3 måneder siden
Ah quality content.
Kat Kat
Kat Kat 3 måneder siden
my grandad made me watch this today. he said it was good.... I literally hate this film and if I ever watched this again id be punishing myself
lildude 3 måneder siden
its wierder that in cars no one has any hands and somehow there are shops and houses made by someone
Just Stamp The Ticket Man
Just Stamp The Ticket Man 3 måneder siden
You're telling me this didn't take place in SPOKEan. And WHY WAS A BIKE NAMED GASSY?!
Crimson Reign
Crimson Reign 3 måneder siden
Cannondale scalpel copy much?
Roman The Protogen
Roman The Protogen 3 måneder siden
5:00 Ted you just pissed off every car modder ever
riley jenkins
riley jenkins 3 måneder siden
The voice acting is like fucking grimm fandango
daylele the chimp
daylele the chimp 3 måneder siden
He's cosplaying Ned Flanders
Nitzel 3 måneder siden
The annoying artifact
Vaporware Media
Vaporware Media 3 måneder siden
Depressed bee
Depressed bee 3 måneder siden
*I can't believe a Character in this god awful movie is literally named my home State(Montana)*
John Kearns
John Kearns 3 måneder siden
PLZZZZ TED DO “the Amazing bulk “ it is a incredible hulk remake,
bobosmith01 3 måneder siden
Not a fan of this review, honestly. The Terrible KFP Knockoffs did it a lot better, this one fixates too much on like "the implications of cars with body parts" and stuff which people fixated on about Pixar's Cars and it bothers the heck out of me. Half of the lines about this in your script should've been cut and replaced with something more substantial.
Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison 3 måneder siden
Will keep that in mind, that you for your honest input! always looking to improve
A channel name having somthing to do with apples
A channel name having somthing to do with apples 4 måneder siden
this is vr
HOLY SPIRIT!??!???! 4 måneder siden
nice stache
R S 4 måneder siden
It’s like he’s morphing Eddie burback and drew gooden into one personality
luca nicometo
luca nicometo 4 måneder siden
I guess Ted owns arma 3
Jacob Forshag
Jacob Forshag 4 måneder siden
"Hey montana, can you shut the fuck up?"
Haleigh G
Haleigh G 4 måneder siden
these movie reviews kill me and I need you to make more
Bombproofdrip 007
Bombproofdrip 007 4 måneder siden
Mustache ted is terrifying
AxeCatAwesome 4 måneder siden
Hi! my wheels are b u r n i n g !
Ok 4 måneder siden
and also planes
Man Fella Fella Man 仲間
Man Fella Fella Man 仲間 4 måneder siden
In Cars there are buildings that look like tires
Angelo Lampro
Angelo Lampro 4 måneder siden
I watched this while eating cereal. . .in short, I'm now cleaning milk and Cheerios off of my table.
Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis 4 måneder siden
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