Tik Tok Cringe: A Guide

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Ted Nivison

2 år siden

Welcome to a guide to Tik Tok cringe, where the country boys and bad boys flourish and frolic
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Ruby Capital
Ruby Capital 2 år siden
mya havidich-crummel
mya havidich-crummel 15 dager siden
THENOWM official
THENOWM official Måned siden
You are ben shapiro
Da Peanut Butter
Da Peanut Butter 2 måneder siden
Okay clean shaven Norman Jayden from heavy rain.
finn_has_a_flower 3 måneder siden
The he
The he 3 måneder siden
Ok Ben
Something creative
Something creative 5 dager siden
Why do all the fuck boys have androids-
MegHorse 13 dager siden
no matter what ted, you will always be the most relatable tiktoker to ever exist
Hpsuperfantimesten wessa
Hpsuperfantimesten wessa 17 dager siden
Cowboys really took a look at *bisexual finger guns and decided “Fuck yeah dude”
Academy of H E L L
Academy of H E L L 18 dager siden
Ted's perception of bad boys are the 12 year olds who put their shirts over their head because they aren't allowed to wear hoodies anymore and disrupt the class all the time.
Harper Reese
Harper Reese 23 dager siden
me seeing ted nivison joined tiktok: YOU HAVE BECOME THE VERY THING YOU SWORE TO DESTROY me after watching one (1) tedtok: oh wait these are actually pretty funny
Monke Notic
Monke Notic 25 dager siden
5:53 looks like Ludwig
cosmiczyx 28 dager siden
and now ted nivison is being relatable on tiktok
appl key
appl key Måned siden
i just took a fat shit
Luke Newcomb
Luke Newcomb Måned siden
Guy in blue shirt looks like Ben Shapiro
Tofoo Måned siden
gave me chills >:))
Byrd Måned siden
Right off the bat, I can feel the entitled homophobia off of moses lmaooooo
Diamondrel Måned siden
Ben at 8:00 looks like a mormon
Patriotic Doge
Patriotic Doge 2 måneder siden
This was hard to watch
Pun Goblin
Pun Goblin 2 måneder siden
I love how the person at the begging got shorter when he went into his final form because he shed his filthy mortal skin in between shots. So much attention to detail!
Vibes 2 måneder siden
I love Moses in the way you love your out of touch uncle
Big Floppa
Big Floppa 2 måneder siden
Oh no
succulent beans
succulent beans 2 måneder siden
Nxy 2 måneder siden
5:19 sir u just described a lesbian
Nxy 2 måneder siden
O my god he started the making fun of Straight tik tok trend
Hollow 2 måneder siden
Mans really stole my shelves
The Local Frog
The Local Frog 2 måneder siden
*t a c t i c a l b a l l g r a b*
Indigo kinzey
Indigo kinzey 2 måneder siden
Ted why were the tik toks so much louder then you’re guys audio in this video
Ace Siebies
Ace Siebies 2 måneder siden
Why does Moses look like almost every dude in this comp
Sid Reilly
Sid Reilly 2 måneder siden
This is the same man that's dancing to Jack Black 8 days a weeks.
S 3 måneder siden
Moses can take me to ram ranch
kisskamm 3 måneder siden
Topher Reilly
Topher Reilly 3 måneder siden
Moses, that did not look like Fiji water. What kinda bullshit
Dylan Meszler
Dylan Meszler 3 måneder siden
Why does your friend look like ben shapiro Edit: Ted I had no idea you were friends with the rare Hot Ben Shapiro
communism 2
communism 2 3 måneder siden
“Facts don’t care about your feelings” Famous Ted Nivision collaborator Ben Moses Shapiro
Avery Fera
Avery Fera 3 måneder siden
Half of the country “boys” look like lesbian women
Song 4
Song 4 3 måneder siden
hi theo
Epic Hair Man
Epic Hair Man 3 måneder siden
Now ted has lost his mind and dances to Tenacious D
Guilianna Camastro
Guilianna Camastro 3 måneder siden
goose simps
goose simps 4 måneder siden
You ate so far into straight tiktok its scary
celia bowen
celia bowen 4 måneder siden
At 4 minutes i was literally peeling my skin from cringing MOVE ON FROM COUNTRY STUFF TED
bubbba 4 måneder siden
Youve made it to the point where your year old videos harass my recommended. You will be hearing from my lawyers and I expect to see you in court
The Vibe Chamber
The Vibe Chamber 4 måneder siden
Bruh Moses looks like steve martin with the glasses this is awful
Ezi 4 måneder siden
the first one was kinda cringe at first but that american get up is kinda epic.
Alfredo Dumb
Alfredo Dumb 4 måneder siden
Aureum 4 måneder siden
moses seems like such a straightforward guy but in reality he has split personality disorder and some kind of insanity
Laviathan 4 måneder siden
8:03 do you have time to talk about our lord and saviour jesus christ?
THE GREAT PAPYRUS 4 måneder siden
7:12 this dude looks like vector from minions
EmilyCanSortaDraw :3
EmilyCanSortaDraw :3 4 måneder siden
All of the country boys look exactly the same if you look closely
Galexy003 4 måneder siden
@ 7:52 he really looks like Charlie Slimecicle n i can’t unsee it
liah 4 måneder siden
I want someone to look at me the way Ted looks at Ben Shapiro
Calling All Comrades
Calling All Comrades 5 måneder siden
Hey Ted
Nyx Faux
Nyx Faux 5 måneder siden
all these fuckboys look like butch lesbians
Burger 5 måneder siden
Now you need to look at good TikTok’s
Kari Gbur
Kari Gbur 5 måneder siden
Ted without glasses on scares me.
Arthur Harriman
Arthur Harriman 5 måneder siden
I felt real pain watching this, at the second video.
Ancient Buns
Ancient Buns 5 måneder siden
Yup ya uh ya ima go clean my eyes now
Will J
Will J 5 måneder siden
Ted your boyfriend is cute
Torlang 5 måneder siden
I got a Verizon comercial that played right after "ive got Another one for you" and i didnt realize it was an ad
Crunchy Carrots
Crunchy Carrots 5 måneder siden
00:12 ...............................................................................THEO????????????????????? LIKE THEODORE HUH
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt 5 måneder siden
Is that the "me at the zoo" video guy?????
Fl1pylee 5 måneder siden
When they said that there were fuck boys worse and younger than jake paul, a little part of my died and the other part wanted to die along with the other part. if I ever meet a fuck boy worse that. Jake paul I will move to mars.
Bird Mann
Bird Mann 5 måneder siden
Keep hating on their dreams ted
Chilli Nugget Games
Chilli Nugget Games 5 måneder siden
The second tik toker is actually a chick
vi 5 måneder siden
it hurts
Wilbur The bun
Wilbur The bun 5 måneder siden
Here we have two boomers observing Jen z 😂
firstname lastname
firstname lastname 5 måneder siden
“Country boys” look whiter than they should. Real people who live on farms are a dark red and have had melanoma at least twice
Sugar Gay
Sugar Gay 5 måneder siden
Blue shirt guy looks like Ted had a kid with Ben Shapiro, and he was the coolest kid on the JV basketball team
The Trash Mammal
The Trash Mammal 5 måneder siden
Let's say... You've been a bad boy. Let's say... Hypothetically... You've been a naughty boy even.
Tristan Phillips
Tristan Phillips 5 måneder siden
All of my college rodeo friends are on tok tok and it’s pretty cringy but nothing is more cringy than the wannabe cowboys they showed here😂
Maddie :0
Maddie :0 5 måneder siden
The first dude really went YEE YEE
Nick Hull
Nick Hull 6 måneder siden
“Cringe my kids doing cringe stuff, teenage girls pretending there cool, and fuck bois”. How did this guy just some up every high-school to ever exist in a single sentence?
Silhouetta 6 måneder siden
i want to say that i am Not Vibing rn and this video made the sick feeling in my stomach go away a little bit so, ty ted and moses
Konst. Karak.
Konst. Karak. 6 måneder siden
Crunchy Carrots
Crunchy Carrots 6 måneder siden
this is just moses roleplaying and ted being forced to be around it
chadthunder 818
chadthunder 818 7 måneder siden
8:08 he looks like a mormin
Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds 7 måneder siden
Clown Town
Clown Town 7 måneder siden
I just need one of those "bad boys" to have their post drop evolution to just be wearing doom guy cosplay
Juicy Meat Juice
Juicy Meat Juice 7 måneder siden
after hearing the way he said cornfield I now forever see ted as the tf2 medic
baby yoda
baby yoda 7 måneder siden
Why the guy next to you look like Ben Shapiro
Reagan Riechers
Reagan Riechers 7 måneder siden
Alternative title: Ben Shapiro and the Milkman cringe at tiktok
Eastmost 7 måneder siden
ahah these guys are really funny
Kaison Toro
Kaison Toro 7 måneder siden
the kids aren't even the best part of tik tok. It's the adults.
Sebastien Starbuck
Sebastien Starbuck 7 måneder siden
It’s not that I don’t like the video it’s the tik toks that I wanted to throw up to. Otherwise nice video
whiff_ 7 måneder siden
7:52 holy shit guest star slimecicle?!?!?!
Fucking grass
Fucking grass 7 måneder siden
“As a fashion expert, can you break this down for me?” “This is disgusting.” “Oh, okay.”
Dalton Farmer
Dalton Farmer 7 måneder siden
I am from texas, and am a country boy, but I DO NOT take responsibility for the fucking weirdos, this generation of fuck boy fake country "BOIS" theyve probably never worked a day in their life and they are probably gay😂
M. E.
M. E. 7 måneder siden
My God. I don't know why but the way they say "fuckbois" is so great with their voices
Oracle 7 måneder siden
When Ted popped his collar tho
Collin Murphy
Collin Murphy 7 måneder siden
Why does Moses look like all these people
neomir 7 måneder siden
I'm one year late but did moses just call ted theo Theodore Nivison
Crathion 7 måneder siden
Moses looks like he’s gonna tell me why the liberals are ruining everything while talking insanely fast
Silhouetta 7 måneder siden
when you realize that the reason that guy has diary of a wimpy kid is because thats the only book he owns/has ever read
sage 7 måneder siden
so essentially: straight tik tok.
SometimesPocket 7 måneder siden
5:27 his reaction is what every girl thinks when someone says that.
Sabrina Lock
Sabrina Lock 7 måneder siden
The fact that moses call them hand pistols is perhaps the greatest gift that this video could give me
rat child
rat child 7 måneder siden
the guy at 3:20 just looks like a butch lesbian trying to spy on the cishet country boys
logan stauffer
logan stauffer 8 måneder siden
7:05 defiantly plays golf
Notannoying 8 måneder siden
Country_man_69.......just wow
tomato guy
tomato guy 8 måneder siden
8:07 he looks like he’s about to ask me if i have a minute to talk about our lord and savior jesus christ
Moonlight_ Frost
Moonlight_ Frost 8 måneder siden
Im gonna tuck my septum piercing up now
BuccLes99 8 måneder siden
Hi Ted, how are you?
habijjj 8 måneder siden
Why they gotta turn my boy Ronnie Raddki into a shit meme
Bamboonium 8 måneder siden
Why is Ben Shapiro looking at TikToks
Annie Denvir
Annie Denvir 8 måneder siden
Moses aka really Ben Shapiro: drinks water Me who just watched the water taste testing video: *oh no please no* 👁👄👁
Alberto Quirarte
Alberto Quirarte 8 måneder siden
This has pyro vibes
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