We Became The Ultimate Grill Masters...

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Ted Nivison

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We became the ultimate grill masters, Ted Nivison and Moses, as we do a cooking tutorial for meats like chicken, burgers, steak, and other summer foods!
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

Elijah 3 timer siden
Gotta go to a butcher shop and buy some real meat your bbq will be 10x better. pay more for better quality unless there is a ton of people
TheSandwichMan 6 dager siden
You look upon the grill gods five gods each with one fanny pack, socks and sandals, cargo shorts, and Hawaiian shirts, of various different colors all in lawn chairs with an open beer you ask the gods "Teach me oh mighty ones teach me how to grill". The gods boom and cackle as the leader quiets the rest "One does not simply learn to grill".
Karkellia 6 dager siden
i am worried at the fact that they touched raw chicken and then touched other food items without washing their hands
Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson 7 dager siden
Never wash chicken
RemiTheFrog 11 dager siden
Ted why are you BBQing with Ben Shapiro?
L. R.
L. R. 15 dager siden
Moses looks too much like Ben Shapiro
FuzzHomie 15 dager siden
there is one dead pixel and it is distracting
Ariana Figueroa
Ariana Figueroa 16 dager siden
ayo ted didn’t know u were besties with ben shabibo
That Meme Guy
That Meme Guy 16 dager siden
85 is hot, boys don’t tell him about Arizona he’s not gonna like it
Mars 17 dager siden
"You Mongoloid" I'm using that against ppl
Spitfulbench 18 dager siden
1:22 85 degrees! Never been o Nevada have you?
Malfeasance 18 dager siden
Moses is just the dad version of Ben Shapiro
Blue chair
Blue chair 19 dager siden
When Moses looks into the camera it's terrifying
glitterygiraffe 24 dager siden
This is so good it almost sounds scripted but I don’t care coz I love it
Revkun 27 dager siden
Your using an electric grill. Don’t call yourself a grill-master of you don’t use a charcoal grill you fraud
LiterallyJustReilly 29 dager siden
i want to have a grill off with moses so bad
e g
e g Måned siden
i though grilled corn was a mexican dish or somn. the more you learn lmao.
kiwi Måned siden
why are they wearing old dad clothing, HAHAHAHAHA. love it
Heather Lee
Heather Lee Måned siden
Literally took me 5 mins to figure this out but Ted learned everything he was shown according to the ending
sarah neece
sarah neece Måned siden
it took at least half the video for me to realize this is not in fact ben shapiro
sarah neece
sarah neece Måned siden
i can smell this video and it smells like skylanders
Munster Duck
Munster Duck Måned siden
Moses looks like Ben Shapiro.
Sharky TV
Sharky TV Måned siden
0:00 why in the blue hell does moses look like ben shapiro in this clip
Jesus Hart
Jesus Hart Måned siden
moses is like if Ben Shapiro and Ron Swanson had a baby
sblc Måned siden
Ft. Baby Ben shapiro
askewcat Måned siden
please dont wash your chicken all it does is spread the bacteria around your sink or wherever you washed it off at the bacteria dies off when you cook it anyways
Lake_ Måned siden
Dear Ted I would just like to say that we have the same bowl
Jett Black
Jett Black Måned siden
Real master Grillers only grill inside.
slasher Måned siden
salt it and assault it
jake gaming vr
jake gaming vr Måned siden
This video should be called how to become a dad
t-rexx Måned siden
Moses with a cigar scares me
Freshlymadelemonade 2 måneder siden
Why aren't you at family dinners.
Ian Barrow
Ian Barrow 2 måneder siden
Greatest intro ever
LOGAN REILLY 2 måneder siden
I remember something about my grandparents making pizza on the grill
LOGAN REILLY 2 måneder siden
@Gabby they,them not sure but it was good
Gabby they,them
Gabby they,them 2 måneder siden
Nerdy _
Nerdy _ 2 måneder siden
Moses is not a mortal being
Thought_ie ________
Thought_ie ________ 2 måneder siden
Ted is a perfect example of not all men wear grills
Katherine Lampke
Katherine Lampke 2 måneder siden
ted: i could take a bite out of that and i’d be fine moses: i mean..hm.. ted: wanna bet? moses: ted...TED ted: should i? moses: NO
Impressiv 2 måneder siden
if u said it cant be taught then y he teaching
Sam Diamond
Sam Diamond 2 måneder siden
you should NOT be using the same cutting board for different types of raw meat
Carter Brownlee
Carter Brownlee 2 måneder siden
im getting Ben Shapiro vibes from moses and it makes me uneasy
JJ Keeney
JJ Keeney 2 måneder siden
Moses is so similar to Jordan Schlansky
chris flores
chris flores 2 måneder siden
Does Moses have any social media? I need to follow this mans
HJPShorts 2 måneder siden
good, liked.
cesar verhoeven
cesar verhoeven 2 måneder siden
kinda horrified by them just touching the pepper and saltmill while having just fingered the fucking chicken
Kelsey Matz
Kelsey Matz 2 måneder siden
idk why but ted gives off micheal scott vibes this entire video.
Simon Hale Anderson
Simon Hale Anderson 2 måneder siden
Bruh moses looks like Ben Shapiro and I can't unsee it now
Jackson Starship
Jackson Starship 2 måneder siden
I think Moses is Ben Shapiro from an alternate universe where he speaks slower than the speed of light
CommunistWaffle 2 måneder siden
1:22 "its hot in Massachusetts, its a good 85 degrees" Bruh
AMTunLimited 2 måneder siden
Please don't wash chicken. It doesn't do anything except aerosolize anything that was on the surface.
Surge _
Surge _ 2 måneder siden
Crisp peaches and grapes sound absolutely horrifying. Who the fuck wants a peach with the texture of an apple
Something 2 måneder siden
That vegan teacher would hate this
Easton Kimbrough
Easton Kimbrough 2 måneder siden
What about the CORN
BruhThat'sCringe 2 måneder siden
"Don't disrespect the meat Ted"
Toby Floof
Toby Floof 2 måneder siden
Do you shop at wegmans?
sortaku 2 måneder siden
okay ted.
Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio
Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio 2 måneder siden
What the fuck is shredded parmesan cheese!?
shiniest aipom
shiniest aipom 2 måneder siden
I feel like moses was teaching a child
No More Videos lol
No More Videos lol 2 måneder siden
The whole grocery store scene makes Moses look like a child getting a nerf gun, it is simply wonderful
Blu theberryboi
Blu theberryboi 2 måneder siden
I've never seen the whole video through but every few weeks I return for the first minute and twenty two seconds
Mackenzie Little
Mackenzie Little 2 måneder siden
it's funny that Moses actually acts like he is on a cooking show. and it's the best damn show i've ever seen.
Salem Panic
Salem Panic 3 måneder siden
Moses looks like Ben Shapiro and has the voice and tone of Ron Swanson
GooseDoesThings ‘
GooseDoesThings ‘ 3 måneder siden
Moses is the closest human to Ron Swanson on earth
Huevster 3 måneder siden
Moses looks like a slightly dumber Ben shapiro
Mikael Yngvason
Mikael Yngvason 3 måneder siden
Moses looks like if Ben Shapiro was a normal person.
Makoa Sripipatana
Makoa Sripipatana 3 måneder siden
I will abuse what I have learned
Lem0n 3 måneder siden
"two men make food and eat it"
ryanz 3 måneder siden
Wash the chicken?
burntpaws 3 måneder siden
this video always makes me wanna just chow down on meat but I never have the right meats on hand so I just end up taking an L
Krusty Man
Krusty Man 3 måneder siden
You never see NOwindowrs from Mass Anymore unless it’s your cousin from Boston
NipN11p 3 måneder siden
I will soon be given Grill Master Ted but in a action figure form
Shpoof LePoof
Shpoof LePoof 3 måneder siden
Anyone else notice how good Ted be lookin in those shorts tho?
chandler cole
chandler cole 3 måneder siden
Touches raw chicken then proceeds to touch everything else. I am ~triggered~
mystelblade 3 måneder siden
Jonathan Picard
Jonathan Picard 3 måneder siden
I've realized I dress like Ted in the summer
Moose 3 måneder siden
Idk about you guys but I’m a simple man, don’t wanna complicate ya.
WitchDoctorGaming VODS
WitchDoctorGaming VODS 3 måneder siden
*freaks out in cross contamination*
Boondoggle 3 måneder siden
Haha 85 degrees is hot I’m sitting here in 109 degrees and high humidity
Blake Is Havok
Blake Is Havok 3 måneder siden
Now you gotta learn to smoke meats
Aureum 3 måneder siden
at a glance Moses is just a normal guy but when you see him being himself for more than 3 minutes you realize that hes probably serial killer
Oakoe eokaO
Oakoe eokaO 3 måneder siden
Alt title: Ben Shapiro grills while Ted abuses him
BloomBlue 3 måneder siden
Ted looks like a grandfather teaching his grandson how to grill.
Malachi Bredy
Malachi Bredy 3 måneder siden
Otitis McDonald and Ted. Is there even a better combination?
S4N7Y 3 måneder siden
moses gives single dad that knows way too much vibes
Steven Vu
Steven Vu 3 måneder siden
Can we take a moment of silence for all that wasted soda.
Oakoe eokaO
Oakoe eokaO 3 måneder siden
I think that’s beer but ok
Johnny hilly Billy bo
Johnny hilly Billy bo 3 måneder siden
I miss moses
Adam Bowling
Adam Bowling 3 måneder siden
In Mississippi a summer day of 85 degrees is a myth, too good to be even thought of as possible...
Blu Scout
Blu Scout 4 måneder siden
Idk why but your friend almost looks like Ben Shapiro, also sounds like him too
Trainer Cameron
Trainer Cameron 4 måneder siden
Just took a shit 🥰
Sammoose01 R
Sammoose01 R 4 måneder siden
As someone who has been grilling Since I was 8, I can say that I am born with this skill
Sam 4 måneder siden
Kerrygold squad
Ridseard Seumas McHabtair
Ridseard Seumas McHabtair 4 måneder siden
“It’s hot in Massachusetts” hahaha... he doesn’t even know our season hahaha... lemme tell ya somethin bud we only have summer spring and winter THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FALL JUST WINTER Mk...?
shlecko 4 måneder siden
Truly disgusting some “people” would do this horrible thing.
LikeTheMemer 4 måneder siden
You’re about to get grilled bitch -Ted Nivison
James Keel
James Keel 4 måneder siden
As an Arizona dweller I’m required to tell you to shut the fuck up after you say 85° is hot
James Keel
James Keel 3 måneder siden
RAYMOND DE VENTE 3 måneder siden
James Keel It's humid there tho so it's probably more close to 95 degrees.
ivysprout 4 måneder siden
i love grillers they like big monkys
Ciaran Brock
Ciaran Brock 4 måneder siden
Did... did he call him a mongaloid?
Zachary Collier
Zachary Collier 4 måneder siden
Hehe, they think 85 degrees is hot. LMAO!
gorbly boyor
gorbly boyor 4 måneder siden
moses is the dad for people who don’t have dads
Person That guy
Person That guy 4 måneder siden
Ted and Moses have the dynamic that Dwight and Mose have in The Office
NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper 4 måneder siden
People probably thought you two were a gay couple when you went to wegmans
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