YouTube's Two-Person Cult: The Angelic Initiative

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Ted Nivison

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The Angelic Initiative is like a two-person Cult on NOwindow, who are trying to bring souls through psychic means to heaven, or something.
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About Ted Nivison / JehBerDeh:
Ted Nivison is a NOwindow entertainer/Filmmaker/voice actor/comedian based in New York. He creates comedy videos on NOwindow making commentary videos about various funny topics and poking fun at ridiculous people on Facebook, NOwindow, and Instagram. He's got some sweet moves as well.

emma :l
emma :l 5 dager siden
as a spiritual person, you can't just summon a dead famous person out of nowhere. if they want to communicate with you they will but you can't just be like "stan lee stan lee i summon thee" or some shit
Ronan Montes
Ronan Montes 6 dager siden
The girl is just high
Weird_Boy 8 dager siden
That's true.
wingnut 10 dager siden
i want what theyre on, anyways im a wingnut
Fernando Espinoza
Fernando Espinoza 12 dager siden
that channel could honestly become an asmr channel
Hunter Alexander
Hunter Alexander 13 dager siden
That’s true
shinobi-chan 13 dager siden
"trauma threads" im a fucking ball of yarn then arent i
Jedi Minecraft
Jedi Minecraft 13 dager siden
the girl on the left is stoned as fuuuck dude
Shadows Rising
Shadows Rising 16 dager siden
They remind me of spongebob doing photosynthesis
Cosmo Is Confused
Cosmo Is Confused 16 dager siden
"You don't understand officer, it's completely legal, I have a child's soul "
Farah_ Afia
Farah_ Afia 17 dager siden
I'm scared.
Dead inside
Dead inside 18 dager siden
I think they're schizophrenic it would explain why they see and think they could talk to people that aren't there
Malfeasance 18 dager siden
Eatinggamer 39
Eatinggamer 39 20 dager siden
That's true girl kinda cuuute tho damn
Aleida Long
Aleida Long 20 dager siden
that's true
Horror Habit
Horror Habit 24 dager siden
There is no wrong answer to "Why did Shakespeare choose the sonnet?" ...except "Let's ask him."
Jackson Carwile
Jackson Carwile 27 dager siden
2:58 Why is she pointing to her bowels? Are they like in knots or something? Like how fucked up are her bowels?
Uniformape Måned siden
Girl on the left: that’s true Girl in the right: SHUT THE FUCK UP
narc_potato Måned siden
No one: The captions: *Li donut*
Jamapex F
Jamapex F Måned siden
I want what their on
Cheese Wiz
Cheese Wiz Måned siden
thats true
Practical Bible Studies
Practical Bible Studies Måned siden
I invited them to do a collaboration and/or interview. Waiting to see if they accept.
alli Måned siden
that girl on the left looks like ted when he ate the nerds rope
Kat Diablankos
Kat Diablankos Måned siden
miss lefty is a poser😠
Alex_toatally_Agamer Måned siden
I deadass think they are on drugs
The Doctor's office
The Doctor's office Måned siden
There using science, religion, hippie nature logic all at once
Ashy does stuff
Ashy does stuff Måned siden
I see him also
Henry Rinehart
Henry Rinehart Måned siden
Why does the girl on the left remind me of bazzagazza
Shannon Davidson
Shannon Davidson Måned siden
The poor daughter is under some kind of trance from the mother. So crazy. Her mother is really wicked.
Sir Metro.
Sir Metro. Måned siden
i think the girl on the left just wants to have fun and she didn't have a childhood
Diamondrel Måned siden
It sounds like a bunch of code words to activate russian sleeper agents
slasher Måned siden
1:53 the one on the right is harvestting the left one's soul by the time it starts to come back
slasher Måned siden
the youngen may be hypnotised
TheMan92 Måned siden
Thas true
mistiouthefrog Måned siden
I make dumb decisions...i ended up making a joke about a cult and now i am concerned about my safety sooo... if i dont respond to your replies im most likely being sacrificed to statin
rachel white
rachel white Måned siden
you good bestie?😃😃
Mason Hoffer
Mason Hoffer Måned siden
She still posts
Shaggy Rodgers
Shaggy Rodgers Måned siden
Even the trees know your credit score is shit- Ted nivison
Harry English
Harry English Måned siden
Bro the girl on the left I feel is like those people that have their minds stay in a kid mentality even when their like 25 😂
Alex Mcneil
Alex Mcneil Måned siden
That’s true
Frog King
Frog King 2 måneder siden
they always say it only takes 3 people to start a cult, in this case it's the two women and the shared "child soul"
jinx 2 måneder siden
the younger chick there is either on drugs like scopolamine or straight up brainwashed by her mother since a child or both.
Dylan Langford
Dylan Langford 2 måneder siden
skitzes lol
Johnny 2 måneder siden
My comment got deleted on their new video... not poggers
noodlez 2 måneder siden
Me too
Jordan Adams
Jordan Adams 2 måneder siden
Why dose he have a candle pin in the background
Conor Berry
Conor Berry 2 måneder siden
Your content is timeless dude. I come back your videos every so often they're that good!
Crimson Snowfall
Crimson Snowfall 2 måneder siden
Bro the chick on the left looks fucking crazy, but she thicc af tho.
Beanz z
Beanz z 2 måneder siden
they are on some fucking DRUUUUUUUUUUUGS
SquashedRedberry 2 måneder siden
I had to come back to this video just because I randomly started to think about this. Is there like any update on the situation with these people? she's like 100% drugging her daughter
Grace Beans
Grace Beans 2 måneder siden
they’re high off their balls
Soprano Cicada
Soprano Cicada 2 måneder siden
I feel so bad for the daughter. She just...doesn't seem alright. :(
Galaxygaurd 2 måneder siden
Im uncomfy... 😐😐😐
Alan Heyes
Alan Heyes 2 måneder siden
And this channel is exhibit A as to why spirituality is a bunch of hokum. “Let your mind’s eye glide your periphery, to gauge the atomic weight of your stresses. When you’ve meshed your positive chakra with your anomalous parasitic aberrations, discard them in the ocean of infinity, for they are only a droplet.” See... anyone can do it. I’m just making shit up. Stitching words together like a patchwork blanket of the poop emoji. Such pseudo-profound bullshit should be illegal.
Tom Petrecca
Tom Petrecca 2 måneder siden
her daughter looks high is HER DAUGHTER OKAY HOLY??????-
Jay Blake
Jay Blake 2 måneder siden
I had da ja vu of watching this video and being utterly confused by it oh my god
Azurly 2 måneder siden
2:00 “have you ever had a dream, that you um you could you do you cold do you with you want-“
Carter Brownlee
Carter Brownlee 2 måneder siden
That lady put out 1000 words and managed to say nothing
Eli Evans
Eli Evans 2 måneder siden
Logan Baesemann
Logan Baesemann 2 måneder siden
That’s true
Spook Sam
Spook Sam 2 måneder siden
Goddamn man your voice and style have changed so much over just a year. Keep on working and improving, my man
Myself Awesome Dude
Myself Awesome Dude 2 måneder siden
That's true
HJPShorts 2 måneder siden
good, liked.
Slinging INK
Slinging INK 2 måneder siden
I feel bad for her, she looks brainwashed
Luna Equinox
Luna Equinox 2 måneder siden
Plot twist: Their whole channel is just a social experiment to see how people react to people who are high (For NOwindow reasons this is a joke)
James Wimer
James Wimer 2 måneder siden
Jamie's Tiddies are sure speaking to me...( That's True) 🙋‍♀️
Tooth Boy
Tooth Boy 2 måneder siden
She reminds me of my mom
mfczar 2 måneder siden
It would be mad funny if Ted hearted this comment a year later
logical window
logical window 2 måneder siden
not rly gonna make whole conspiracy theories here but like they could be vibin of some tabs (lsd)
Brooklyn Rocks
Brooklyn Rocks 2 måneder siden
2:59 ya it’s called depression it’s a bitch fix
shiniest aipom
shiniest aipom 2 måneder siden
Unnatural Balance
Unnatural Balance 2 måneder siden
Im just looking for CPS to show up in the background of one of these videos.
Michael Mann
Michael Mann 2 måneder siden
She’s just making up stuff as she goes I swear
This Guy!
This Guy! 2 måneder siden
They are *DEFINITELY* on LSD
Brownie The Awtter
Brownie The Awtter 3 måneder siden
“That’s true” “That’s”
Brownie The Awtter
Brownie The Awtter 3 måneder siden
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan 3 måneder siden
When she says that’s not true is when the end times come.
Fummy Yes
Fummy Yes 3 måneder siden
I get a really strange vibe from the girl on the left. Shes the type of girl to be manipulated and very gulable, her mom is the exact opposite. I still feel something is really off with the girl on the left because she doesn't seem to be on earth if that makes since. Her mom very clearly seems to be interacting with earths atmosphere and reacting to things around her, but not the girl on the left. I did see a couple of theory's that the girl on the left is being brainwashed by her mom but I don't think that's particularly true for a few reasons. One even though she is acting so unearthly shes seems to not be interacting with her mom or following the conversation, that's why shes not making any conversation or saying anything related to her mom. In the beginning she mentions about speaking to grass after her mom had said nothing about that, then she talks about these sort of spirt threads of trauma that are "messing us up", non of it makes since. Another reason is that her mom seems to have no control over jamie, in a sort of way lynn begins getting mad at her over something that clearly makes no since and then she tries to re-frame it in a way that makes since to her and this isn't a sort of behavior to be seen in most brain controllers situations. I'm not eliminating the possibility that she is being mind controlled, it's still a possibility, but what I think is that she either got pulled into a cult but pulled her mom with her or she is stuck in some sort of un-earthly demention that is in her head. I feel like she is somewhere else though because the way she looks around, like I said earlier her mom is looking at things within things among the world but the girl on the left isn't, shes looking like she is seeing un-earthly things that arn't in how we see the world and the way she is closing her eyes seems as if shes trying to look away from something even though she is clearly on earth. She could also be on drugs though. Nothing really adds up though and she gives me such a weird vibe that it sends shivers up my spine and I don't think she is ok.
Klimics 3 måneder siden
“That’s true” Any wubby fans out there?!
Parmesan Glitter
Parmesan Glitter 3 måneder siden
"That's true"! Guess which one that is?
Anne Greengables
Anne Greengables 3 måneder siden
That girl looks high as fuuck
Minky_ Stinky
Minky_ Stinky 3 måneder siden
not to brag but she was psychic, what ever, ha yea, I'm kinda epic
Quidditch 2018
Quidditch 2018 3 måneder siden
This video was a fucking acid trip. Ted is my guide to these random ass planes of existence.
Cody Helene
Cody Helene 3 måneder siden
For some reason these ladies remind me of the twins from Charlie and the unicorn
Deli ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
Deli ☆〜(ゝ。∂) 3 måneder siden
I found Jamie’s personal channel and it’s almost weirder???? It’s just the same thing but with horses??? Like she’s just talking to a horse.
Tate Cope
Tate Cope 3 måneder siden
That’s true
Dragons LeagueGaming
Dragons LeagueGaming 3 måneder siden
thats true
Toa Va
Toa Va 3 måneder siden
That's true.
Basil 3 måneder siden
Why does the blue tank top look like it was painted on?
Lalazebra 3 måneder siden
10:04, It's been 7 years, Lynn, you have to let go
lolzorgfykys 3 måneder siden
"even the tree knows your credit score is shit" made me fucking lose it
Always 0 Tired
Always 0 Tired 3 måneder siden
The girl on the right looks crazy when paying attention to her looks and movements
Always 0 Tired
Always 0 Tired 3 måneder siden
The older lady is just keeping the girl on the right cause she is the only follower she has
Romain Desmarais
Romain Desmarais 3 måneder siden
Ah yes, as soon as you die, you instantly immigrate to America, no matter where you died.
E- tan
E- tan 3 måneder siden
Huh, so that is where so many politicians are getting their votes from!
Cul Gi
Cul Gi 3 måneder siden
I think their diets consist solely of ayahuasca
Money 3 måneder siden
ted cruzvision is my favorite youtuber
Jasper Hopland
Jasper Hopland 3 måneder siden
Man, I thought America was controlling it's drug problem.
Kota Ulrich
Kota Ulrich 3 måneder siden
Pretty sure the daughter is on mushrooms
Maya 3 måneder siden
these two people are acting like they both just ate a 400mg nerds rope
Commies are Pussies
Commies are Pussies 3 måneder siden
The girl on the left has mommy milkers
Ejlittler 3 måneder siden
Oh gosh, I remember my father finding these videos about... 3 years ago?? It was a common joke for us to just say 'thats true, thats true...' in response to anything.
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